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February 2015 – Important Dates

Important dates in February 2015 are as such:

February Important Dates

  • Ekadashi Upavasa – 15-Feb Sunday

  • Mahashivarathri – 17-Feb Tuesday

  • Shri Raghavendra Jayanthi(Birthday) – 25-Feb Wednesday
    • Check this post for details.

As always, please check your local calendar for exact dates.

Cook with Love

Yesterday’s post was all about saying thank you to the one who put the food on the plate. Many of you commented, sent me emails and texted me. I am glad it really made an impact. For those of you who missed the post, it is here:

Today’s post is all about the person who puts the food on the plate. There is lot of debate going on as to who should cook? Should it be the Mom or the Dad? Should it be the Husband or the Wife? Should it be the Mother-in-law or the daughter-in-law?Why always Women have to cook? Why men shouldn’t cook? I have no answer, nor do I want to start or win this debate.

For me, cooking is an art, it is an act of love.Cooking is a privilege. Cooking can be done by both men and women.

I am grateful for the Almighty Lord that I have this passion for cooking and be able to cook for my loved ones. I pray to the Lord that I be born as Meera, and have the same opportunity to cook for my Family in all my future births( if there is one).

As a child, I always had an interest in cooking. I enjoyed seeing the happiness in my parents face when I cooked for them. I enjoyed seeing the joy on my siblings face when they relished my dish. I thought I was blessed when my in-laws were happy to see me cook for their Son. They were surprised that an Electronics Engineer was able to cook delicious food. I feel proud when my Husband tells his colleagues at work that the daily lunch he takes is prepared by me. I am equally happy when my daughter tells her friends about this blog, and she herself cooks a lot of recipe from there. I can go on and on. There is no end to the joy I get from cooking.

It is not just me who cooks. My husband and daughter also cook. Anytime I travel, he cooks for me. When my daughter was in elementary, middle and high school, it was him who packed her lunch all those years. When I was sick, had major surgery it was him who cooked for us breakfast, lunch and dinner for months. My daughter comes home for holidays, and cooks several meals.

So, you see a pattern here, right? It is not about who cooks on a daily basis. It is all about sharing the work. If you cook for your spouse, kids, in-laws, parents or relatives, consider it as a privilege that the Lord has given you to prepare food for them. If you consider it as a chore and do it with frustration, anger, it only gets worse. For once, change your attitude. Doesn’t matter whether you are employed or not, whether you are a man or a woman, son or a daughter, if you are cooking for your loved ones, you are lucky. You are feeding the hungry, and there is no act of godliness than feeding the hungry.

Some simple rules to follow:

  • Cook with Joy.
  • Cooke with Love.
  • Cook with a good mood.
  • Cook with passion.
  • Ask for help when you are tired.
  • Take help from the grocery store. For e.g: if you are unable to make chapathi or roti everyday, buy it from a store. If you cannot make some masala powders, buy it from a store.
  • Cook healthy food, talk to your kids about nutrition and eating healthy food.
  • When you cook healthy food, your kids learn from the same.
  • Whether you have a boy or a girl, teach them cooking.
  • Ask them to help you in the kitchen. Ask them to cut vegetables, involve them.
  • If they see you cooking with joy, they will learn the same.

Share your thoughts. Talk to your spouse, join hands and cook a meal together. See how much happiness it brings.

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