Astothra Pooja Paddati Book – By Shri Sethu Rao

IMG_2465Received this amazing book from Shri. Sethu Rao. Thanks sir for such a wonderful gift. There is no words to express my gratitude.

To receive a book on our Beloved Rayaru, which came to me on a Thursday, is a great sign from Rayaru.

As per Shri. Sethu Rao “Happy to announce, Our Astothra  Mandali has completed 13th year with 711 astothras & with great enthusiasm we entered 14th year with Astothra (712).”

I pray to our beloved Rayaru to help him and his Mandali complete many more Ashtotras and reach greater heights. Hopefully, during one of my visits to India, I will be able to take part in one of these programs and get blessings from our Beloved Rayaru.



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  1. Posted by SAMPATH KUMAR on February 6, 2015 at 11:13 am

    Om Namho Bhagawathe Sri Guru Raya,

    Can we down load ASHOTHARA POOJA PADDATI BOOK. HARI OM,,, Sampath


  2. Posted by Srinivasan K on February 6, 2015 at 10:12 pm



  3. In fact, as I have already intimated, through Rayara Ashtottara parayana continuously for 4 years every sunday by dedicated devotees only, our Alakapuri Mutt came! I only caution against certain over intelligent devotees who say ‘phalashruti’ bittu parayana maadabahudu. That is, stotra parayabna up to ‘maamagna roopam sadaa’ is enough and one third of the stotrass can be left is their view. This is misleading and not authentic. Our Paramaguru late Poojya Tuppasakri Dwaipayanachar vehemently opposed this short cut method and insisted on parayana up to ‘sakshi hayasyotrahi’. Though in our mutt we erred for sometime, after his advice, we restored full parayana of stotras. That is to say, though we acquired the building thro’ the generosity of an elderly couple who offered Rs. 2.50 lakh as donation for the mandali and thro further contributions of devotees to the extent of Rs. 5.00 lakh in Nov. 1994, the pratisthapana took place in February 1999 and even now every thursday and sunday devotees do Ashtottara parayana in the morning and also on all special occasions.

    Ashtottara eshtu maduththEvo ashtu uttara Rayaru koduththaare embudu satya!


  4. Is it available for Sale? If so,where it is available?


  5. Posted by Krishna on February 24, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    can some one please tell me what is the best way to chant the rayara stotra ???
    i start from “sri poornabodhatirtha…” and go on till the last stanza ie “…saakshi hayasyotahi”. is this ok ? is there any particular way in which we shud chant the stotra. pls do let me know .


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