Don’t Measure Ones Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi

Can anyone in this world measure by seeing a person or the way they pray or the way they look, the way they recite all stotras how much faith/devotion or faith they have in God? I don’t think so.

We have seen great devotees who were turned down just because of their cast or color or religion, right? Remember Kanaka Dasa? Remember the story of Shabari? Our most beloved kid Prahalada? Almighty Lord didn’t see if they were Brahmins, or a man or a woman or a kid. He saw their devotion and just blessed them all.

We learn so many things from our Parents, right? The faith/devotion/bhakthi I have towards our Beloved Rayaru is all due to what I saw as a kid from my Parents. I don’t even remember when I started fasting Thursday evenings. As a kid, I always thought of Rayaru as my Great Great Grandfather. As I grew up, Rayaru was my Guru, my Friend, everything to me. However, there was an incident which took place during which my entire Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi was tested.

I will not go into specifics, and do not want to hurt anyone. Read on….

2009 was the year, as many of you who follow me from a long time, you all know I suffered with severe foot pain. It had been almost 5 years, and no medical intervention helped me. We spent thousands of dollars and did all sorts of tests, from MRI, Bone Scan, Nerve Conduction Study to all other tests. Nothing helped.

I traveled to India, and was told that one of these Swamiji was able to cure many things and would be able to help. So, we traveled to this place. After the initial set of questions, this Swamiji asked what the problem was. He was told the problem and that I was a great devotee of Rayaru. He looked at my face and said “All of us have 100% Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi in Rayaru. However, you have 40% Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi and 60% doubt on Rayaru. If we all travel to Mantralaya and ask for a wish to be granted, it will be fulfilled immediately. However, since you have 60% doubt on Rayaru, you will have to travel 10 times for your wishes to be fulfilled.”As soon as I heard these sentences, my jaw dropped, eyes filled with tears. This Swamiji kept saying many other things, nothing went into my head. My head was reeling. Tears were rolling down my eyes.

We came back to Bangalore. The whole journey back, I cried. How could Rayaru let this happen? Why did he give this Swamiji the mind to speak so badly to me? I went on and on and on, and for days kept crying. We finally visited Mantralaya, and when I saw our Beloved Rayaru completely broke down. That night was when Mantralaya completely submerged in water. Read the post here:

Once I came back here to USA, I had nightmares of the day. I used to wake up crying asking why this had happened to me. My foot pain was the same. So, one Thursday, I sat in my pooja room, and prayed to Rayaru. “Gurugale, this is it. I have been doing everything possible in this world to cure my foot pain. I will continue praying until March which is your birthday, if you don’t cure my foot during that period, I am never ever going to pray to you and will believe what the Swamiji said about 40% Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi and 60% doubt on you. Please please help me”. I burst into tears. I kept praying until his birthday, a year after that, two years, three, four and now it is 2015 and the foot pain never came back.

I know how much I am devoted to my beloved Rayaru, the change in my nature, my attitude, my behavior  everything I owe to Rayaru. If I think anything bad, do something bad, speak a bad word, have negative thoughts, I immediately think what would Rayaru think of me. Does he like this behavior of mine? Does he approve of what I am thinking? I immediately change my thoughts. This has helped me change many things in my life.

Even now, I have nightmares of this incident. 2009 was when I vowed I would never ever judge anyone about their Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi. You never know who God is going to bless. You never know where the ultimate devotee is? You never know if he is a Madhwa, or a Smartha, some other caste, a Man or a woman or a child?

Never ever judge a person and assume he/she is a great devotee because they are performing all the rituals.  Never ever judge a person and assume he/she is a great devotee because they are able to recite all and every stotras. Never ever judge a person and assume he/she is a great devotee because they know all the scriptures.

Never ever judge a person and assume he/she is less of a devotee because they do not pray. Never ever judge a person and assume he/she is less of a devotee because they are not from our caste. Never ever judge a person and assume he/she is less of a devotee because they do not follow our rituals.

There are many people who constantly tell me” Meera, can you please pray for my Son/Daughter/in-laws, Rayaru listens to you”. I am humbled by these words and at the same time tell them” If you yourself pray to him sincerely why will he not listen to your prayers. And I say one or two small lyrics in praise of our Beloved Rayaru”.

Moral of today’s post ” We as human beings do not have the ability to measure Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi one has.”


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  1. Posted by Vasanthirrao on February 14, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Namaskara meeraghu,it is really nice toread your posting about Bhakti.when I read this I don’t know how many janmas I should have to get real and true devotion. Even to get true Bhakti, raya ra daye and karune , I need


  2. Posted by Pratima Madhav on February 13, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    As far as my knowledge goes Bhakti is something to do with the connection between ourselves and the Supreme Being/Gurugalu. Each one has their own personal relation with the Super Power. This special relation cannot be understood completely by our own selves, then how do we even think of understanding or criticizing about the levels of Bhakti others possess!!

    The incident you had mentioned must have definitely helped you to form a more stronger bond than before, with Gurugalu.

    It is said that Lord loves selfless attitude towards fellow beings. And that is why perhaps He answers prayers of such people instantly compared to others. You might be one of those lucky ones and that is why often asked to pray on their behalf 🙂

    Your Posts are always a pleasure to read.

    -Pratima Madhav.


  3. Posted by shanthisethuraman on February 13, 2015 at 2:57 am

    Thanks for sharing your personal instant which took place in your life. No one can measure our bhakthi/faith/devotion unless god. That too we can realize our self only when the Rayuru granted our needs without seeing any partiality. Whenever I pray Rayuru I will not ask my boon, because he knows better than what I desire/need, Any problems comes I would say “You are here to solve every problems”so I just pray before him by telling my worries, he would protect myself/our family in many ways.
    We cannot force anyone to be faith in God and pay Bhakthi, it should come nature, for that we should have done some virtue in our last birth.


  4. Meera Amma, Anantha Namaskars. What you have written is 1000% correct. E.g. in our Alakapuri Rayar Mutt, Hyderabad a Smartha brahmin devotee visits daily twice and she stays just a house away from the Mutt. She did lot of seva to Rayar in many towns like Kakinada, Vizag, Adoni and here also contributes a lot. She is in a position to directly converse with Rayaru and also able to get darshan of Rayaru in our Mutt. These are all the gift of poorva janma sukritha. We asked her not to divulge these things to others because only deserving devotees have to know this. But other lady devotees neither care her nor treat her properly because she is not Madhwa. Similarly, in Nandyal town one attender belonging to christian faith working in BSNL department is a staunch devotee of Rayaru and gets darshan! This was narrated by my friend working in that office as Divisional Engineer. Similarly another Vaisya Civil Engineer in Kurnool district who narrated his experiences to me many times about Rayaru answering his prayers. Here devotion matters rather than caste and status–this is what I humbly feel.


    • Posted by meeraghu on February 13, 2015 at 8:27 am

      Very well said. I would definitely come see you and the devotee sometime in the near future. It is amazing.


      • Thank you Amma. We will be very happy to receive you. If possible, when we come over there in July for 3 months visit, we will try to see you and seek Rayar’s blessings.

        What a wonderful thing took place yesterday! On 13th Feb, I offered my comment on your above posting. On 14th February itself, a miracle took place in the life of the lady smartha devotee whom I quoted. She has three sons, one is in California and the other twos in India. Last son is with her and he is an Engineer and is doing temporary job only and yet to settle in life. He always pesters his mom and dad for money for doing business. His father is retired Bank Officer and quite reluctant to business. This boy went to Sabarimalai recently and after coming back, everyday started troubling the parents for money. Yesterday (14th) Mantralaya Prabhugalu came in his dream and fired him for a pretty long time asking him to give up the ‘business’ mania and do the job properly. The Swamy also advised him to not to harrass his parents and for good job, He will help!!! How lucky the son is to get Rayaru in his dream for a pretty long time and get advice and consolation!

      • Posted by meeraghu on February 14, 2015 at 9:29 am

        Sir, Amazing miracle. I will definitely meet you when you come here. You should come visit my house. I will be honored.

  5. Very Nice post Meera Akka. I too accept that we human do have ability to measure anyone’s Bhakthi/Faith one has.


  6. Posted by Sirisha on February 12, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Meera avure – what you said is exactly right and I second your opinion. To me, Bhakthi must be a way of life. No matter whom you believe in, if your acts, deeds and thoughts are rightful, you are devoted to the Almighty. And no matter how religiously you follow the rituals but do not have compassion for fellow beings and try to judge people, that is not true devotion. This is what I do. Total surrenderance – I surrender to God and pray the Almighty to guide me in my thoughts, words and actions. Anyatha Sharanam naasthi ..because we are such a minute particle in this universe but at the same time, leaving it there (with responsibility on God) is totally wrong .. we need to consciously – like you do – go back and check – is this act of mine appreciated or not and keep correcting ourselves. To err is human but to forgive is divine. That includes forgiving our own selves too. God bless you .. you are such an elevated soul!


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