Shri. Sethu Rao has sent a PDF for reciting Shani Peeda Parihara Stotra. Those who are having Sade Sath Shani Katta are usually advised to recite this stotra. The stotra is in Kannada. Thanks so much Sir.

The stotra should be recited after you take shower in the morning.

Attached is the PDF. Shani Peedaa Parihaara Stotra

Mr. P.S.Thammanna has provided the stotra in Kannada, Telugu Tamil and DevanAgari. This is amazing contribution.

Attached below is the link for the PDF. Thanks so much Mr. P.S.Thammanna.

Seven and half years shani dOShaM

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.09.52 AM

P.S: We all know how tough it is when we have Shani Katta. And all of us have gone through those difficult times. Hopefully, this stotra will help relieve some of the bad dosha for one and all.