Many of you have been asking me via email, texts and other medium about how to perform Aadhika Maasa when you are not in India and in a country where not many items listed are available.

I was talking to my Mom, and she had just returned from my Aunt Ms. Jayalakshmi’s house after performing a great function for Aadhika Masa. Mom said my Aunt had invited several women, and a music teacher and they all sang 33 devaranamas in the evening. They also distributed 33 bangles, 33 betel leaves and nuts, fruits and so on.

I thought this was a great idea to share with you all here on the blog. Even if you don’t have 33 bangles to share, 33 betel leaves and nuts to share, we all have access to 33 fruits and in this very blog access to several hundred devaranamas or lyrics.

So, look at all the lyrics posted on right hand side, decide on a date, sit with your family and friends in the evening and recite 33 of your favorite songs. Offer Lord 33 flowers like Jasmine, 33 nuts, 33 fruits and seek his blessings.

May all the good deed we do during this period, double and triple. May Lord Almighty shower double his blessings.

For your benefit the links are posted below: