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24/7 Radio on Guru Raghavendra


Mr.DIWAKAR RAO N sent me an email a couple days back about the Radio. He had sent me a link of Android radio on Guru Raghavendra, which naturally didn’t work for me since I have an iPhone. Tried many options and couldn’t get it working. So, I did what best I do, googled the same and alas found the link on Facebook and a couple other places for the radio.

For those of you having an Android phones, you can download the same from the link below:

Guru Raghavendra Bhakthi Radio – Android Apps on Google Play

For those of you having a iPhone, the following search on the AppStore allows you to download the app:

Guru Raghavendra Radio

For those of you who want to listen on your laptop, below is the link:

So, doesn’t matter what device or computer you have, you can now listen to Songs and Pravachanas at your finger tips.  I heard a few amazing songs, and still looking for the lyrics. Once found will post it here.

Once again, Thanks Mr.DIWAKAR RAO N  for sharing such a wonderful link.

The program schedule as per the website is as such:

  • Guru Raghavendra Radio Schedule (24×7) every day – All times Mantralayam (india) Time:
  • Tamil Songs Morning – 4:00 am – 6:30 am
  • Suprabatha Seva – 6:30 am
  • Devotee Time (Real Interviews with devotees on Rayarus miracles in Kannada, English, Tamil and Telugu) – 1 AM ,3 am, 9 am , 11 am, 12:30 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm,8 pm, 10 pm
  • Tamil Songs Evening – 4 pm
  • Kannada Dasa Vaibhava will play All other times other than the times listed above. Rare songs on Rayaru sung by great haridasas in Kannada

2015 – Ganesha Festival Pictures

It was a blessing performing the pooja of Lord Ganesha. Since it was a week day, I had taken a day off. We also had invited a few families for evening Pooja and Dinner. I read the Story and we had a wonderful time. The feeling of performing the pooja and sharing it with others brings such joy to ones state of mind.I have no words to express those in English, nor does the dictionary have any words.

My Sister, Niece and my Husband ate on Banana leaf sitting down for lunch. I served them the food. The items I prepared were:

  1. Moong Dal Kosambari
  2. Channa Dal Kosambari
  3. Bean Playa
  4. Potato Methi Palya
  5. Chatni
  6. Plate Idli
  7. Modaka
  8. Kadabu
  9. Capsicum Rice
  10. Gulab Jamun
  11. Rasam
  12. Winter Melon Majjie Huli
  13. Thove
  14. Papad
  15. Last but not least Yogurt

Dinner for my family and Friends in the night was on Steel plates. We had lots of good discussions in the night during the blog, the posts. Quite interesting. Humbled again by how popular this blog has become and how it has changed lives of many in our community.

I kept praying to Lord Ganesha that he overcome all the obstacles in ones life.

A few pictures for you all to enjoy until next year.


Ganesha_1 Ganesha_2

Ganesha_5 Ganesha_3 Ganesha_6 Ganesha_7

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