Pushyarka Yoga @ Mantralaya


As I was going through the Mantralaya website, reading the following sentences brought tears in my eyes. Imagine thousands of devotees saying “Om Sree Raghavendraya Namaha”, and being part of that. Just out of this world. And imagine how our Rayaru might be blessing his devotees reciting his name. Text from the website below:

“Sunday 24th January 2016 saw a celestial muhurta – Pushya Yoga on a Sunday with full moon(hunnime) thrown in for added measure. Sri appannacharya has mentioned the greatness of this muhurta in his ode “Raghavendra Ashotara” (Sri poornabhodha guru teertha …). He says – “Soma surya parage cha pushyarkadhi samagame, Yonuthamam idham stotram ashtothara satham japeth”.

Keeping this in mind, H.H. Swamiji had organised a mega event which was made a success by thousands of devotees. Rayara Ashottara has 8 aksharas in it and it was Swamiji’s intention to offer 8 crore repitions of the said japa. Accordingly thousands of devotees took up his clarion call and surpassed his expectations and tallied a total of over 22 crore japas. Truly magnificient offering on the holy day. Along with the regular early morning pooja, special panchamruta abhisheka to Rayara brundavana by Swamiji, a special Raghavendra Ashtottara Homa was conducted as an offering of the Ashottara Japa Yaga held by h. H. Swamiji.

The prakara then resonated with the ashottara parayana which culminated with hundreds of devotees repeating “Om Sree Raghavendraya Namaha” 108 times on the top of their voices which was a sight to behold. A few photos as a glimpse of the days events…”

And link for the pictures below:
Pushyarka Yoga


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by KRISHNARAO SRINIVASAN on January 26, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    great pleasure to see manthralaya gurugalu pooja functions.


  2. Posted by shanthisethuraman on January 28, 2016 at 2:07 am

    Thanks a lot Meera, I could no say my happiness in words when I see all all the photos.
    Very amazing, happiness boundless.


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