During my recent visit to Bangalore, I had the opportunity to meet Sri. Canchi Ravi.  Mr. Ravi and his wife visited my Brother’s place to see me. I am so humbled by their visit. I definitely have done something great in my previous births to have such great supporters for the blog.
Mr. Ravi had shared the following roopas during his visit to USA. I was quite busy and was so unable to post the same. Thanks so much Sir for all your services.
Bhagavanta roopas to be meditated during Nitya Karmas (prefix Bharatiramana
1.      While getting up from the bed         :  Sri Narayanaya Namaha
2.      During shoucha                                 :  Sri Keshavaya Namaha
3.      During mrittika shoucha                     :  Sri Trivikramaya Namaha
4.      Brushing teeth                                      :  Sri HarayE Namaha
5.      Washing face                                     :  Sri Madhavaya Namaha
6.      While milking                                     :  Sri Gopalakrishnaya Namaha
7.      While bathing                                     :  Sri Bhoovarahaya Namaha
8.      Wearing dress                                    :  Sri Upendraya Namaha
9.      Offering DAnAs                                  :  Sri Parashuramaya Namaha
10.  Receiving DAnAs                                :  Sri Vamanaya Namaha
11.  Walking on the road                          :  Sri Bhoovarahaya Namaha
12.  Crossing river                                     :  Sri Matsyaya Namaha
13.  In forest                                              :  Sri NArasimhAya Namaha
14.  Travelling in the sky                           :  Sri Trivikramaya Namaha
15.  Walking on the hills                           :  Sri Parashuramaya Namaha
16.  When sick                                           :  Sri DharvantarayE Namaha
17.  Taking medicines                               :  Sri Vaidyaroopi Narayanaya Namaha
18.  Applying kumkuma                            :  Sri Lakshminarayanaya Namaha
19.  Wearing flowers                                :  Sri RAma Datta KapilEbhyO Namaha
20.  Playing with child                               :  Sri Krishnaya Namaha
21.  When HAPPY                                      :  Sri HayavadanAya Namaha
22.  Chewing tamboola                             :  Sri PradyumnAya Namaha
23.  While playing                                     :  Sri Govindaya Namaha
24.  When alone                                        :  Sri Krishnaya Namaha
25.  When lying down                               :  Sri Padmanabhaya Namaha