As I was looking at old comments, one reader had asked about this song. I tried a few places on Google and finally found it. The web site has lyrics for this amazing song in 4 languages, English, Kannada, Hindi and Telugu.

The song is composed by Sree Varadesha Vittala Dasaru. You can listen to the audio here on Kannada

Jai Jai Rama Rama Hare

The lyrics in Kannada can be found here:

Kannada Lyrics

And the lyrics in English can be found here:

English Lyrics

You can also select Hindi and Telugu in the top left drop down and get the same. Hope you can sing this amazing song during the upcoming Rama Navami Festival.

A million thanks to the webmaster of for posting the lyrics.

And here is the video I finally found on youtube sung by Sri Narashimha Nayak.