This post may come as a surprise for many of you. If you have been constantly reading my posts, you know very well I am very health conscious. And knowing that, you might be even more surprised to see this term “Low Carb Diet“.

It has been several years since I shyed away from eating white rice on a daily basis. I made rice maybe once a week. And during this day, when I made rice, I made sure we had delicious rubbida huli or Sambar, spicy saru or Rasam, a whole lot of fried Happala and Sandige. As you read that last sentence, your mouth started watering, right?

Told you, I ate this one day guilt free. Always reminding everyone we ate rice just 1 day a week. All other days, my cooking would be Avalakki, Upma, Chapathi, Dosa slightly healthy with brown rice, Idli and above all chapathi. So, even though we didn’t eat rice, the calories we consumed were way too high. And not to forget Sabhudana Khicahdi. Every Thursday night without fail.

Hmm, now you get it right? No rice, but all these other items still kept us full of high calories. And I kept complaining that even though I walked almost close to 5-6 miles and sometimes close to 7 miles, the scale didn’t budge. The weight kept creeping up slowly pound by pound.

Even though the weight kept adding, I have to thank God, the detailed medical checkup I had during my last visit for my Tietze syndrome showed no health issues.

However, it kept bugging me like crazy why my weight was not reducing. And one day after talking to my Would be Doctor Daughter, she said” Mom, stop being an Indian Vegetarian, become an American Vegetarian”. I asked her what she meant, she said Stop eating all those breakfast items you eat, and start eating Oatmeal. Do you know even the chapathi you eat has so many calories, and it is filled with carbs.

Her words kept ringing in my ear, and finally on April 18th I decided I am going to stop eating any carbs at all. It has been exactly 10 days, I have not touched rice, no chapathi, no dosa, no idli, no bread nothing.

It is not easy being a vegetarian, eating south Indian food to go on most diets you see online. We have to build our own meals, and our own plan. And that’s exactly what I am planning on doing.

So, now you may ask what do I eat? Remember all the dals, palyas, nucchina unde and kosambaris. That’s what I eat. It has been exactly 10 days, I have lost a few pounds nothing significant. I had a slight headache for 2 days, but it is gone now as well. I plan my meals, prepare well ahead. It is expensive, it is laborious, but worth every dollar and every pound I loose.

My husband also started this journey with me. He however eats 1 or 2 small chapathis. But, no rice. He accompanies me in long walks, exercise. We are in this together. Towards a healthy tomorrow, and low carb diet with loads of dals, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.

I will start posting more and more food items with low carbs. If you want to lead a healthy living, if you wish to reduce your cholesterol levels, if you wish to reduce your blood pressure, If you wish to loose some pounds, come join us in our journey. we will go through this journey together. Share our recipes, share our thoughts, share our frustrations when the scale doesn’t budge. 🙂

P.S: If you really have chronic illness, please consult your Doctor.