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South Indian Vegetarian Low Carb Diet – Day 2 Lunch

A simple day 2 lunch which includes lots of proteins and vegetables. Colorful, delicious and completely healthy.


So, the plate has Blackeyed Peas Salad, Steamed Carrots, Quinoa Salad, handful of cherry tomatoes and a bunch of walnuts.

I will post recipes for Blackeyed peas salad, and Quinoa Salad.


Important Dates in May 2016


A few important dates in May.

May 3rd – Ekadashi

May 9th – Akshaya Thrithiya

May 12th – Guru Pushya Yoga, Reciting Sree Raghavendra Swamy Stotra is important

May 17th – Ekadashi

May 20th – Sree Narashima Jayanthi.





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