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Bhalire Bhalire Narashima Lyrics


Yesterday as I was driving to work and listening to the song Guruve Varahaja Thatavasa and once this song finished another amazing song on Lord Narashima started playing. I thought this was really a blessing from Lord Narashima himself.

I couldn’t wait to come back home and search for the song and the lyrics itself. It is quite a popular song and I was amazed how we missed it here in the blog. I am currently posting the PDF link available online in Kananda and two links for the song it self. As time permits I will post the lyrics in English as well. If anyone of you have the time and inclination to help the several thousands devotees  who request lyrics in English, please take the time wot note down the lyrics and post it here.

The link for the PDF in Kannada is attached below:

Bhalire Bhalire in Kannada

The audio link is here:

Bhalire Bhalire Audio

The video link is here:

Bhalire Bhalire Video


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