A Miracle On Thursday


As you all know, we performed Shree Raghavendra Satsangha this Sunday. During the Satsangha we all shared miracles performed by our Beloved Rayaru. One such miracle was shared by Mrs. Vandana. Not sure if you all remember, my first ever Satsangha was at Mrs. Vandana’s place. She is an ardent and one of the greatest devotees I have seen in my life.

Mrs. Vandana shared a miracle during the Satsangha at my place. I cannot share much about the miracle at this point, since I have asked the concerned person’s Aunt to get permission so I can share with you all.

However, Mrs Vandana talked about the same, and the book she had was part of the miracle. All of us expressed interest in reading this book, but had no chance to get a hold of the same since Vandana had no copies available. I emailed the Aunt as well and she said she will get the permission.

Also, during the Satsangha Ms. Radhika again an ardent devotee mentioned that since we are doing this Satsangha every month she was hoping we could keep up with the miracles, and I said Oh yes, we will have many many miracles to share and our beloved Rayaru will be performing the same. Today being Thursday, I was thinking about what I told Ms. Radhika  and wondered what might be the next miracle in my life. I come home from a long drive after work a little tired, disappointed and a tidy bit sad. As soon as I entered home, my Husband says ” Meera, your Satsangha friend has sent you Rayaru book.” I was like what book, opened it and just couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the same book Mrs. Vandana had shared the miracle about.

I thanked Mrs. Vandana profusely, and the humble devotee she is says ” Rayaru decides whose house he should visit, and Rayaru intends this and not me”. I told her ” I have so much to learn from you”.

Just shows how our Beloved Rayaru brings us all together. The bond I have with you all and now with the Satsangha devotees is matched by our beloved Rayaru.

I am humbled, blessed and so fortunate. Wanted to share this with you all.

Book Details:

Shree Raghavendra Stotram and Mangalashtakam with Explanatory Meaning by Namita R. Rao. Printed in Bangalore. Rs. 30/-.

The book is printed at:

Omkar Offset Printers

Bangalore – 560002

Ph: 080 2670 8186




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  1. Posted by Archana on August 5, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Am not finding this book, we tried calling the printers mentioned above and they said if we give a copy then they would print it


  2. Posted by Rohit mahadik on December 13, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Please publish rayaru book in Hindi or English coz wear I am staying they are not available


  3. Posted by Divya on July 8, 2016 at 12:23 am

    I really wish, if only I could get this book. Rayara karune apaara!!
    Thank you for your writings here, reading about Guru Raayaru helps me in a million way.


  4. Posted by samanta on June 30, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Dear Meera:

    Do you know where I can get an audio link for “Sri Vijayeendra Stotram”


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  6. Posted by shashikala on June 25, 2016 at 1:22 am

    Dear Meera
    Every time i visit your blog, iI feel so de- stressed and motivated to know more about our beloved RAYARU and I wonder about your time management and progress in your spiritual work , It would have been nice if you were in Bangalore as we could have visited the satsangha but any way by visiting your blog we are blessed.
    In our life also so many miracles have been happened when we share or tell some they will laugh or some say sarcastically hence it is hidden with our selves, If you create an opportunity to share it is very nice to hear . Let rayaru show his karune krupakataksha ashirvada anugraha sada nammelarameliiri



  7. I suggest do not be so fascinated by pavada or what we think is pavada. I feel what is more important is Shraddha, Bhakti, Acharya and Seva. When the Divine Lord Sri Rama or his beloved disciple Veera Hanumantha demonstrate Siddhi in bhoo-loka there would be deep reasons why those have been done. Those are mostly incomprehensible to humans so it is better to just meditate on the pada/paduka of sri Ramachandra and do one’s duties the best one can and leave these issues to the care of higher powers.
    One must be very very respectful in kaaya/vaacha/Manasa of anything to do with the lord and I am sure all readers readily appreciate that.
    Aum Sri RamaChandraaya Namaha.
    Jai Veer Hanuman.
    Om Sri Guru Raghavendraswamyai Namaha.


  8. Posted by vijayaa108 on June 24, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Namaskarams dear Meera and all the others reading your blog.
    Could you elaborate as to what the ‘chamatkaram’ was!
    Heartfelt Dhanyavadah and Namaskarams once again!
    (Is the name of the book given under Book
    details? )


  9. Posted by Ramesh on June 24, 2016 at 5:52 am

    Hello Madam,

    Though I am following your post since many years, this is my first comment on any of your posts. I am fortunate to have been born in Mantralaya as it happens to by my mothers native place. I am living in Bangalore and working in a private firm by the Grace of Rayaru. I am overwhelmed to know that you and your friends at conducting Satsang and Bhajans in USA. Really I am happy to know this and just wanted to share my experience in this nice forum. I keep visiting Mantralaya several times and everytime before going I think of certain wishes which I would want to request Gurugalu to bless me. But by the time I go in front of the Brundavana, I forget everything and just keep seeing the Brundavana and I recall my wish requests only after I come out. But being Jagadgurugalu and Aparoksha Gnanigalu, Rayaru always fulfils my wishes. Good luck to all of you and sorry if this comment was irrelevant in this blog


  10. Thanks for sharing it. I have got the same book with me. We can realize our Guru Miracle in all our routine activities. What we think to do, he would decide better it would happen in good way.


  11. Yadbhavam Thad bhavathi


  12. Posted by Vani on June 23, 2016 at 11:15 pm

    Absolutely agree with you Meera. HE works in amazing ways and blesses us every day.
    Thank you for sharing…


  13. Posted by c.geetha on June 23, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Guru raayara mahime aapaara.


  14. The Book title may please be divulged so that those who may be able to lay hands on that, could benefit out of their reading/possessing it. K.LAKSHMAN.


    • Posted by meeraghu on June 23, 2016 at 7:26 pm

      Sir, the name of the book is “Shree Raghavendra Stotram and Mangalashtakam with Explanatory Meaning” by Namita R. Rao. Printed in Bangalore. Rs. 30/-.
      During my visit next month, I am going to buy several copies and handover to Rayaru devotees I know would be blessed to read this.


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