Poorvaradhana celebrations at Mantralayam


Hope you all are having a wonderful time performing pooje to our beloved Rayaru. As always, sharing some pictures of
Poorvaradhana celebrations at Mantralayam. A million thanks to the webmaster of SRSMUTT.org

May our beloved Rayaru bless one and all.

Poorvaradhana at Mantralaya.


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  1. immensely happy


  2. Guruvey Saranam. Thanks for sharing it. To-day I went to Kumbakaonam Ragavendra Mutt for Aaradhanai. I got all dharsans ( Panjamirdha Abishakam, Milk and honey Abishakam) and Deepa Aaradhanai and we had good lunch there. For three days up to tomorrow they are providing lunch to all devotees. Really I felt as if I were in Mandralayam.


  3. Blessed are those who attended and witnessed the event.


  4. Yesterday I sent a post regarding Aardhanai of Sri Ragavendra, when I see now, my post has got disappeared. Let me know the reason, so that I will not reply.


  5. Posted by Arpitha on August 21, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing


  6. Posted by shashikala on September 1, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Dear Meera
    Very nice to see the photos of Rayaru Mantralayam We went tp 4th T block mata all the 3 days as we stay in Jayanagar . Very nice to know that you attended 5 th block mata while visiting india. How i feel i missed an opportunity to meet you . Very nice that your blog is reaching so many people around the world


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