Nava Brindavana Part 4 – Shree Raghuvarya Theertharu

You can read the first three parts of this series in the link below:
Nava Brindavana Series

Shree  Raghuvarya Theertharu


The fourth Brindavana here is that of Shree Raghuvarya Theertharu

He was the Guru of Raghottama Theertha (of Tirukoilur).

He traveled all over the country to spread the message of Madhwacharya. Once when he reached the banks of Bheema river in north Karnataka, the river gave way for him.

A few incidents about Shree Raghuvarya Theetharu can be found in Uttardi Mutta Website. Link provided below:

Shree Raghuvarya Theertharu


महाप्रवाहिनी भीमा यस्य मार्गमदान्मुदा।
रघुवर्यो मुदं दद्यात्कामितार्थप्रदायकः॥

|| mahApravAhinI bhImA yasya mArgamadAnmudA .
raghuvaryo mudaM dadyAtkAmitArthapradAyakaH ||

Article Credit:

  1. My Brother B.S. Ramesh
  2. Uttaradi Mutta
  3. Image Credit : Madhwa Mixer


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