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गरुडगमन तव चरणकमलमिह – Garudagamana tava charanakamalamiha Lyrics

This a kriti on Maha vishnu composed by Jagadguru Bharathi Theertha swamiji of Sringeri. Just by hearing this itself your mind gets relaxed. Most powerful  as Maha Vishnu will ward off all difficulties. This was sent to me by my Aunt Mrs. Padma Ananth. Thanks Aunty for such a wonderful lyrics. I translated the same in English which is listed below.
गरुडगमन तव चरणकमलमिह
मनसि लसतु मम नित्यम्
मनसि लसतु मम नित्यम् ॥
मम तापमपाकुरु देव
मम पापमपाकुरु देव ॥
1. जलजनयन विधिनमुचिहरणमुख
विबुधविनुत-पदपद्म -2
मम तापमपाकुरु देव
मम पापमपाकुरु देव ॥
2. भुजगशयन भव मदनजनक मम
जननमरण-भयहारी -2
मम तापमपाकुरु देव
मम पापमपाकुरु देव ॥
3. शङ्खचक्रधर दुष्टदैत्यहर
सर्वलोक-शरण -2
मम तापमपाकुरु देव
मम पापमपाकुरु देव ॥
4. अगणित-गुणगण अशरणशरणद
विदलित-सुररिपुजाल -2
मम तापमपाकुरु देव
मम पापमपाकुरु देव ॥
5. भक्तवर्यमिह भूरिकरुणया
पाहि भारतीतीर्थम्-2
मम तापमपाकुरु देव
मम पापमपाकुरु देव ॥


Garudagamana tava charanakamalamiha
manasi lasuthu mama nityam
manasi lasuthu mama nityam ||

mama taapamapaakuru deva
mama paapamapaakuru deva ||

1. Jalajanayana vidhinamuchiharanamukha
vibudhavinutha padapadma -2

mama taapamapaakuru deva
mama paapamapaakuru deva ||

2. Bhujagashayana bhava madanajanaka mama
jananamarana-bhayahaari – 2

mama taapamapaakuru deva
mama paapamapaakuru deva ||

3. Shankachakradhara dushtadaityahara
sarva loka sharana – 2

mama taapamapaakuru deva
mama paapamapaakuru deva ||

4. Aganita-gunagana asharanasharanada
vidalita-suraripujaala – 2

mama taapamapaakuru deva
mama paapamapaakuru deva ||

5. Bhaktavaryamiha bhoorikarunayaa
paahi bharathiteertham – 2

mama taapamapaakuru deva
mama paapamapaakuru deva ||


Below is the youtube link:


Updated Post: Akshaya Thritiya ಅಕ್ಷಯ ತೃತಿಯಾ – April 29th 2017

Please check with your local calendar to find out about the same.

Akshaya Tritiya ಅಕ್ಷಯ  ತೃತಿಯಾ is the most important day in the hindu calendar.  Akshaya means growth and tritiya is the third day of the month in Vaishaka Masa. They say that in order to perform any major function like marriage, gruhapravesha you don’t even have to check your horoscope for finding a good Muhurtham. Any ritual or religious function performed on this day leads to growth.

The Uttaradi matta panchanga also mentions it is very important to apply gandha ಗಂಧ to the Lord. So, if you have access to the same, please do that as well.

On this day, many ladies give thambula including blouse piece, and other items. Any thing you give or donate they say becomes akshaya. Meaning infinite or one that never diminishes.

So, if you have decided to do anything new this year, this is the right day to get started.

Important Dates in Hemalambi Nama Samvatsara 2017-2018

Check the for exact dates of festivals in the country you live in.

Sri Hemalambinama Samvatsara Calendar

Pushyarka and Guru Pushya Yoga in Hemalambi Nama Samvatsara:

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Jaya kolhapura nilaye – ಜಯ ಕೊಲ್ಹಾಪುರ ನಿಲಯೇ Lyrics

Over the past few weeks, around 8-10 of my Satsangha friends have started to learn Devaranamas. Miss. Padma asked me to teach songs, and many others decided they also want to learn and we started this online sessions on Wednesday’s and from this week on Tuesday’s in the night. The first song I taught was the song from none other than our beloved Rayaru “Indu Enage Govinda”. Last week, Miss Sasipriya requested to learn Jaya kolhapura nilaye – ಜಯ  ಕೊಲ್ಹಾಪುರ  ನಿಲಯೇ . Since I had not learnt this song, my Sister Suma said she knew and volunteered to teach us all this amazing song written by none other than Shri VyasaRajaru.

We found several web sites with lyrics in English, but none in Kannada. The book I have had the lyrics in Kannada, so I was able to scan and post it here. The tune is same as Sri. Vidyabhushan has sung on Youtube, the link which is provided. I have here the lyrics in English and the scanned copy of lyrics in Kananda.

Youtube Link:

jaya kolhApura nilaye bajadhiShTetaravilaye

tavapAdau hridikalaye ratna rachita valeye || pa||

jaya jaya sAgarajAte kuru karuNAmayibhIte

jagadambAbhidhyAte jIvati tavapote || 1||

jaya jaya sAgarasadanA jaya kAntyAjita madanA

jaya duShTAntaka kadanA kundamukularadanA ||2||

suraramaNI nutacharaNe sumanaH sankaTaharaNe

suswara ranjitaveeNe sundara nijakiraNe || 3||

bhajadindIvara somA bhava mukhyAmarakAmA

bhaya mUlAlivirAmA bhanjika munibhImA ||4||

kumkuma ranjitafAle kunjara bAndavalole

kaladhautAumalachaile krintakujanajAle ||5||

dhrita karuNArasapUre dhanadAnotsava dhIre

dhvanilavaninditakIre dhIredanujadAre ||6||

sura hrutpanjarakIrA sumagehArpita hArA

sundara kunjavihAra sura parivArA ||7||

vara kabarI dhrita kusume varakanakAdhikasuShume

vana nilayA dayabhIme vadana vijita some ||8||

madalaka bhAlasagamane madhu mathanAlasa nayane

mrudulolAlaka rachaNe madhura sarasagAne ||9||

vyAgrapurivaranilaye vyAsapadArpitahrudaye

kurukaruNAmahisadaye vividanigamageye ||10||

Attached is a screen shot from the book in which I have the lyrics. Click on the image for clear picture

Mantralaya Visit – April 2017

It was November 19th 2014 the last I had visited Mantralaya. I traveled to India for work end of March and April, and this time made it a point to go visit Mantralaya with my Parents during the weekend. I came back day before April 11th to USA. The temple as you can see has completely changed.

My parents and I got many sevas done to Rayaru, were able to see the Rathotsava, have lunch the next day. I was also able to do 108 namaskaras, and also had a visitor from the blog who recognized me and talked to me. I was unable to talk much since I was reciting the stotra, I feel really sorry for that.

Attached below are some pictures. It was just so awesome seeing our Beloved Rayaru, no amount of daily picture, or any other temple can provide the joy and satisfaction that standing in front of Rayaru in Mantralaya can bring. Immense joy and tears keep rolling as you see the brindavana standing tall and majestic in front of you.









Update: Sri Rama Navami – April 5th 2017




Rama Navami falls on the ninth day(Navami) of the Hindu calendar year during the Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami. It is a celebration of the birthday of the Lord Rama. Ramnavami usually occurs in the months of March and April. This year it is on Wednesday April 5th 2017.

As always, here are some very popular slokas to say on that day.

May Shri Lord Rama bless you all.

1. Rama Stotra in the Vishnu Sahasranama, say this sloka 3 times as mentioned in the sahasranama.

Sri Rama Rama Rameti Rame Raame Manorame
Sahasra Nama Tat Tulyam Rama Nama Varanane
Sri Rama Nama Varanane Iti

2. Next one is what we learnt when we were all young.

Ramaya Rama Bhadraya Ramachandraya Vedhase
Raghu Nathaya Nathaya Sitayah Pataye Namaha

3. And of course, Hare Rama Hare Rama

Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare
Hare Krishna hare Krishna krishna krishna hare hare

Below are links posted for lyrics and some food items prepared during Rama Namavi.

Food Items:

Lyrics on Lord Rama:


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