Shree Raghavendra Satsangha – May 21st @ Maryland




Last year we performed Satsangha at my home on June 19th. You can see the invitation I shared and the detailed pictures at the below links.

Satsangha Invitation

Satsangha Pictures

We have been performing Satsangha every month at many devotees houses. May also was planned at one of their houses and due to unavoidable circumstances, they couldn’t perform. Since we didn’t want to miss May, I decided to host the same.

I have been traveling almost every single week this month. This week I was at San Francisco, going back tomorrow again to San Francisco and coming on Thursday night. And next week to Minneapolis. May and June each and every week is completely booked with travel.

I was planning on hosting only in September, but like we all know Rayaru has his own ideas for his devotees. My husband said he will help me to host this, and so May 21st Sunday morning we decided was the date.

So, hereby I am inviting all of you residing in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area to come join us. We will start promptly at 10.00 AM. After the pooje, we will have lunch prepared by yours truly. 🙂

Please consider this as a personal invitation and join me and Raghu at our house. If you leave a comment, I will share my home address and phone number. Hoping to See you all.

I will post pictures and hopefully video this time of the pooje.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Glad to hear.


  2. Thanks for your kind invitation for our Rayru Satsangha at your house. Since we are in India, we are not able to participate in Satsangha, anyway our humble pranams to our Guru. I will try my best to join with the at the same time 10.00 A.M. from our house itself.
    Of course we are in different place, our mind should join in one place and same time to recite our Guru.
    Gurvey Saranam.


  3. Posted by Chandrika Puranik on May 14, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    Namaskara Meera avre,

    Our family will definitely like to attend the Pooja, please send us your home address.

    Thank you,

    Chandrika Puranik


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