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Shri Venkatesha Parijatha


As a kid, I grew up listening my parents recite Shri Venkatesha Parijatha, Sreenivasa Kalyana during the Dasara days. Last time I visited India, I went to Vidya Peetha to get these books. However, they were not available. Yesterday, in our whataspp group message Mrs. Anita Kulkarni asked me about this. I said I had listened to it as a kid but had not got the books. She immediately sent me the links for the audio. It is unbelievable how the internet and the world has changed. I was able to listen Part 1. Hoping to listen each part every day until the final Vijaya Dashami day. Thanks Anita Avare.

Found a rare PDF in Kannada. Have downloaded the same and uploaded in my Google Drive.

Please find the link here, and you can download and print the same.

Venkatesha Parijatha

Here are the links for the audio.

I found out the above links are not working.

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