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Elaborate Dasara Dolls Display

Ms. Aparna Achar sent me this email inviting all of us for Dasara Doll Display at her home. Attached below is part of Ms. Aparna’s emails and the invitation. Please visit if time permits. Thanks Ms. Aparna for the invite.

Hello Meera mam,

My name is Aparna Achar and I live in Bangalore. I have been diligently reading your posts and feel enriched by the information and experiences that you share. I have a small request. We do an elaborate Dasara dolls display in our house and during this nine day period, we have pravachana, bhajans, etc so as to give a positive vibration in the house and also do some dharma karya.
I would be happy if any of your blog readers from Bangalore are interested to visit our house to see the display. We have enumerated the Ramayana, Krishna Leela, besides Indian cultural aspects. We have also maintained the tarathamya of Dvaita philosophy in our arrangements.
May I request you to post this invite in  your blog so that is any of your readers and well wishers are keen, they can call and come to our place. We will be keeping the dolls display till 15th October. If any group is interested in conducting bhajans or lakshmi shobanae, we would be happy to host them.
Thank you for your cooperation.
regards, aparna achar
Below is the invitation


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