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Rayaru Singing Indu Enage Govinda

I have posted the lyrics for this very famous song written by our Beloved Rayaru. I also taught this song to the ladies in our Satsangha group.

You can find the lyrics and youtube video here:

Lyrics for Indu Enage Govinda

Two weeks back found this picture on FB and couldn’t control my tears. It is an amazing picture, may our Beloved Rayaru bless whoever painted this picture. All credit goes to the person who painted. I am just sharing to show how beautiful and heart touching the picture is.

Look at how Rayaru is singing and how Lord Krishna one hand behind and another holding a flute is looking at our Beloved Rayaru. Just stunning picture.

Blog Hits a New Record -1 Crore 10 Million Views

January 16th 2018 will be etched in my mind like none other. Today, this blog, which truly has become like my second child reached 1 crore or 10 Million Views.

I am not sure what made this so very popular, everywhere I go, I hear about the blog and how it has helped many celebrate festivals, prepare food, be a better person, and or in many cases pushed them to do more. To many of you I have met personally, many of you I know through this blog, many of you are my ardent followers, many of you told me I inspire you, many of you who love me unconditionally a VERY BIG THANK YOU!

It is just mind blowing to know the popularity of this blog, the nook and corners of the world it has reached, the group of people it has reached, young, old alike you all have written to me, inspired me to be a better person each and every day. I owe a lot to this blog to have made be a better person.

I am still not sure what’s next for this blog? What other records will it break? What way I can help others? What way the blog can be made use of?

I need sometime to think about all of the questions above.


And it goes without saying, my sincere namaskaras to Lord Almighty and our beloved beloved RAYARU.



Udupi Krishna and Shree Madhwacharyaru

I read on FB the following contents. All credit goes to the person who posted the picture and the text.

Today Makara Sankramana. The idol of Lord Sri Krishna (Bala Krishna) at Udupi temple was installed by Sri Madhvacharya on this sacred day of Makara Sankramana.
It is popularly believed that Sri Madhvacharya had composed Dwadasa Stotra while installing the Vigraha of BalaKrishna at Udupi;
priINayaaAmo vaAsudevaM devataAmaNDalAkhaNDamaNDanaM,
Sri Madhvacharya in his famous Dwaadasa Stothra (8th canto) eulogizes the Supreme God and recommend to Propitiate Lord Vaasudeva who is the most precious jewel (SarvaDevasikhaamanih) in the august gathering of Gods headed by Lord Brahma.


What Should be our New Year’s Resolution?

It is January 1st 2018, a New Year in the English calendar. Our new year in the Hindu calendar starts in March. Wish You All a VERY HAPPY NEW ENGLISH YEAR 2018.

When you watch TV, read a newspaper, talk to anyone, or even look at messages on whataspp or FaceBook, the 1 question everyone asks is What’s your new year resolution?

I also like most people,  made resolutions to be easily broken within the first month. From the past decade maybe, I stopped making any resolution.  Here are some reasons why quit making new years resolutions.

If I want to lose weight, I am going to start from TODAY, and will NEVER wait for that TOMORROW which NEVER comes.

If I want to learn a NEW skill, I am going to start from TODAY, and will NEVER wait for that TOMORROW which NEVER comes.

If I want to talk to or text someone, I am NOT to going to wait for Tomorrow, I will pickup the phone TODAY and talk to or text them.

If I want to make sure I walk 10,000 steps, I start from TODAY and not wait for Tomorrow.

Don’t you see a pattern there, all of these activities are something which are profoundly beneficial for our well being. Why do we want to wait for New Year or TOMORROW to get fit, be nice, lose weight, learn something new.

Now comes the question What should be our New Year’s Resolution?

All of the things I mentioned above are great, but in order to achieve all of those goals, we need to have the following:

Having A STRONG WILL POWER. Try to cultivate a strong will power. Like they say, you can move mountains with your WILL POWER. We all face so many distractions in life, having a STRONG WILL POWER will guide us through the right path each and EVERY TIME.

Undeterred DETERMINATION. In order to achieve anything in life, we have to go through failures and at last comes success. Having an undeterred determination helps you achieve your goals.

Being a ROLE MODEL. We all have someone who looks upon us, our kids, our colleagues, our friends, our brothers, sisters and cousins and many more. Make sure you be a ROLE MODEL for them.

WORKING HARD. There is no easy way in life, we all have to work hard. Sometimes we reap the benefits immediately, and sometimes we wait a lifetime to reap the fruits of our hard work. There is no easy recipe for anyone.

KEEP FAITH. We all go through rough times in life. There are very few who are fortunate to have a life without any problems. Just because we are going through ROUGH TIMES doesn’t mean we can take the route to not follow our customs and traditions. It is GOD ALONE who can give us strength and ability to handle tough situations.

DON’T BLAME OTHERS. Like they say ” The one who has stomach pain, has to take the medicine”.  We have to take responsibility for our actions, and work towards rectifying it. It is always easy to blame others and wash away our responsibility.

ALWAYS REMEMBER GOD IS WATCHING. what ever we do, even if no one around is watching us, remember GOD is watching us 24/7. Remember the Karma theory, what you sow so you reap. If you do GOOD, it will come around during your time of need. If we do BAD, it is going to haunt us. There is no way we can escape what we did in our previous life. Like the saying “Purva Janmada Karma Vidhi Benna Bidadu”.

So, make New Year Resolutions which will BENEFIT YOU in more than one way, work towards Having A STRONG WILL POWER, make sure you have Undeterred DETERMINATION, be a ROLE MODEL, Work HARD, KEEP Faith, DON’T BLAME OTHERS, and last but not the least, REMEMBER GOD IS WATCHING OUR every ACTION.

I just put down my thoughts. These simple rules have helped me be a better person and has made a sea of difference in my life, my actions, my work, and my thoughts, my relationship with GOD and our BELOVED RAYARU.

Hopefully, this thought can help change the outlook of everyone who reads this blog, or at least one other person. Let me know what you think.






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