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Udupi Krishna and Shree Madhwacharyaru

I read on FB the following contents. All credit goes to the person who posted the picture and the text.

Today Makara Sankramana. The idol of Lord Sri Krishna (Bala Krishna) at Udupi temple was installed by Sri Madhvacharya on this sacred day of Makara Sankramana.
It is popularly believed that Sri Madhvacharya had composed Dwadasa Stotra while installing the Vigraha of BalaKrishna at Udupi;
priINayaaAmo vaAsudevaM devataAmaNDalAkhaNDamaNDanaM,
Sri Madhvacharya in his famous Dwaadasa Stothra (8th canto) eulogizes the Supreme God and recommend to Propitiate Lord Vaasudeva who is the most precious jewel (SarvaDevasikhaamanih) in the august gathering of Gods headed by Lord Brahma.


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