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Aadhika Masa Reciting Krishna Mantra 33 times

According to Sri Srimushnam K Nagarajan who comments and provides support tirelessly, reciting Krishna Mantra 33 times is very sacred during Aadhika Masa. Attached below is the comment Sir left. Please recite Krishna Mantra 33 times as many days as possible. Hope this helps you all.

In Adkia Masa we have to do some dhanas compulsorily during this period. The religious rituals help us to get rid of our sins.Generally the dhanas given are thambula, deepa, apopa, fruits, gajavasthram, anna, vasthra, rava laddu or anything else you can. We have to give these items in the count of 33
Even any one of the above Dharana is not possible to do,Acaryaru says at least chant daily these Krishna mantra for 33 times.It will equalise all the above.

” govardhana dharam vande, gopalam gopa rupinam !
gokulutsava me isanam, govindam gopika priyam !! ”

Meaning :“I worship the lifter of Govardhana Hill, Who has the beautiful form of a cowherd boy, and who continually plays with the gopikas. He is the Lord of Gokula wherein everyday is a festival.”

Thanks Sir for all your support.

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