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Aadhika Masa Day Update – May 26th – 31st 2018

Man proposes god disposes is a phrase I use so very often. We make plans, carefully plan them, are so excited about, and God actually has made his own plan and executes them based on what he thinks he has already written in our fate.

My plans took a great hit last week. I posted that I won’t be writing for the next week, hoping I would enjoy my vacation, take a break, relax and continue with my busy schedule and also do some good work during this Aadhika Masa. However, God had already made his plans for me and my family, I just had no clue how he would completely change the course of my next 2 months.

Saturday night, May 26th we were out of state, and was unpacking our car in the parking lot. There was a big pot hole which I couldn’t see and was painted the same color as the parking lot. My left feet got stuck in the hole, ankle twisted and I feel on the ground. The ankle started swelling, and my Husband and daughter immediately decided to take me to Emergency care to a hospital. We reached the hospital at 11.30 PM Saturday night within 5 mins of the accident. They took X-Ray and found out I had broken my Ankle bone. They put a temporary cast, asked us to see an Orthopedic Surgeon within 7-14 days, and also said I may need surgery. We came back around 5.00 AM Sunday morning.

The past few days have been roller coaster, had to learn how to manage with 1 since there was no weight bearing on the left one, no walking, bed rest. Even using the bathroom was tough the first day. My family rented a wheel chair so it would be easy to move around, sitting has been challenging, anytime I put my feet down, it swells and changes color.

I was supposed to travel to San Francisco next two weeks, than India and a few other countries. All activities canceled. I have an appointment on Wednesday to see the progress, if surgery is needed and be put on a real cast. No idea about the recovery time, my Daughter says at least 6-8 weeks on cast.

I am still reciting Shree Krishna Stotra 33 times. And many other slokas just to distract myself and not be depressed. Some days are good, some tough.

Like I said earlier, Meera proposes, God disposed it according to his wish. Just hoping and praying to God, beloved Rayaru that I don’t have to undergo surgery. As my extended family I request you all to pray for me.


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