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Madhyaaradhane of Sri Sripadarajaru at Mulabagalu

Moola brindavana alankara of Sri Sripadarajaru. And today was  Madhyaaradhane of Sri Sripadarajaru at Mulabagalu. Received this amazing picture in a WhatsApp group and sharing with you all. All credit to whoever took this image.

Also, recited Madhwa Nama which was written by Sri Sripadarajaru. The links for the lyrics are attached below:

  1. Sri Madhwa Nama in Kananda
  2. Sri Madhwa Nama in Sanskrit
  3. Sri Madhwa Nama Lyrics

The Madhwanama is one of the many compositions of Sri Sripadarajaru in Kannada. It describes the virtues of Vayu and his three incarnations-Hanuman, Bheema and Madhwa.

The idea of composing Madhwanama took root when Sri Sripadarajaru realised that many Kannada speaking people were not able to appreciate the Sri Hari Vayu Stuti and the nuances of Madhwa philosophy as they did not know Sanskrit.

Sri Sripadarajaru then decided to teach his students in Kannada. He also preached, gave discourses and even conducted poojas in Mulabagal in Kannada. He composed many songs which were sung for the evening poojes at Mulabagal, Incidentally, they are till sung today too.

Sri Sripadarajaru decided to make the people of Karnataka aware of the greatness of Vayu by writing on his three incarnations. Since Sri Hari Vayu Stuti was in Sanskrit, he decided to write on the same subject in Kannada. Thus was born the Madhwanama. Explanation by B.S.Ramesh my brother.

Poorvaradhane of Sri Sripadarajaru at Mulabagalu

Moola brindavana alankara of Sri Sripadarajaru. And today was  Poorvaradhane of Sri Sripadarajaru at Mulabagalu. Thought of sharing with you all. Received this amazing picture in a WhatsApp group and sharing with you all. All credit to whoever took this image.

Update: Pushya Nakshatra and Sunday – June 17th 2018

Sunday June 17th is Pushyaarka Yoga, so wanted to keep you all informed.

The common interpretation of Pushyaarka Yoga is the combination of Pushya Nakshatra and Thursday or Sunday.This common interpretation is when moon entering Pushya nakshatra on Thursday  or Sunday is PushyArka yoga .

Raghavendra Mutta says “On this Holy day one should Recite or Chant Guru Stotra ( Raghavendra Stotra)s, Singing songs will bring happiness and prosperity in your life.”

The significance of this day is also mentioned in Rayara Stotra – 27th Stanza.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 6.27.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 6.28.01 PM

Anyone who recites this holy Sri Raghavendra Stotram 108 times with intense devotion, on the occasion of solar/lunar eclipse or the combination of Sunday with the star Pushya, will be relieved of all evil influence, e.g., haunting etc. (27)

You can find more details about this great day below in the link:

To find lyrics on Rayaru, please visit this page:

The Raghavendra Stotra to be recited is posted here:

Shri Raghavendra Stotra or Shri Poornabhodha Stotra Lyrics/

Kallur Shree Mahalakshmi Stotras for Success, Marriage and Child

I was sent this image in my WhatsApp group and asked to translate the Stotras in English. I give all credit to whoever prepared this brochure, just attaching here to benefit the visitors of this blog and translated and recorded the Stotras to help. Youtube link at the end.


Sarva Karya Siddi Stotra:

Ananadathirtha Varade Danavaranya Pavake|

Gyanadayini Sarveshe Shreenivasesthume Manaha||

Shree Venkateshan Lakshmisham Anishtagnamabhistadam|

Chaturmukera tanayam Shreenivasam Bhaje Nisham||

Sloka for Marriage:

Katyayini Mahamaye Mahayoginyadhishwari|

Nandagopam Sutham Krishna Pathim Me kurute Namaha||

For bearing a Child Stotra:

Devakisuta Govinda Deva Deva Jagathpathe|

Dhehime Tanayam Krishna Twamaham Sharanam Gatha||

Do this seva starting on an auspicious day. Recite 21 times and do pradakshina namaskars to the picture of Goddess Koluuru Shree Mahalaskhmi. This Pooje has to be done for 48 days.

I have also recorded the Stotras and posted on youtube so you can get the accents properly.


God Listens to our Prayers

Thank you all a million times. The comments, emails and messages you all sent was heart touching. It was why I call all of you my extended family. The prayers, the concerns and wishes was truly humbling. I am truly truly blessed and I say this with so much humility.

My Mom who is a heart patient and has a pace maker, couldn’t see me in pain. That’s why they say” God couldn’t be everywhere and so he made Mothers”. Mom did Rayaru seva for three days even with her condition. Rayaru on third day i.e yesterday early morning blessed her with handful of Manthrakshate and Laddu. She was extremely positive that I would require no surgery and get well soon. My Sister did lot of pooje in my name. She was a rock and called me every single day and pump me up when I was sad, depressed, in pain and in tears many times.

I don’t even know what to say about my Husband and my Daughter. They have been going through very tough days seeing me in this phase. They are my rock, they are my support, and I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

All your comments, constant emails, prayers and positive energy definitely helped me. And Our beloved Rayaru heard your prayers. Yes, he heard your prayers. A million thanks to you all.

I had my Orthopedic Surgeon appointment yesterday. The ankle hasn’t healed, and the Surgeon has me on a cast for 4 weeks to see the progress. No walking, no cooking, no traveling, not sitting. Elevate the feet above the heart level always and just walk around for bathroom breaks. It was good and bad news. Because now I have to wait 4 more weeks to see the progress and if in case any surgery is required. The next appointment is on July 9th. Hopefully, the ankle will be fine and I will be put on an ankle boot.

It is a tough transition for me from a splint which was not that heavy to this cast until the knee. I had mastered hopping with one feet, and now with this heavy cast I am relearning everything again. But that’s life. I am going to work on days I feel better, and take days off when I am not feeling Ok. I am glad I have that flexibility at the company I work. I love my job which keeps me busy, engaged and not think about why this happened and how in a second it changed the course. Hoping to get well soon, and also work on the blog and post interesting things. I just need the energy.

Once again, Dear All THANKS A MILLION FOR YOUR CONSTANT SUPPORT. Thanks a million for your prayers. Thanks for being part of my pain. I have no words to thank you all. I will keep you all posted.


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