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Madhyaaradhane of Sri Sripadarajaru at Mulabagalu

Moola brindavana alankara of Sri Sripadarajaru. And today was  Madhyaaradhane of Sri Sripadarajaru at Mulabagalu. Received this amazing picture in a WhatsApp group and sharing with you all. All credit to whoever took this image.

Also, recited Madhwa Nama which was written by Sri Sripadarajaru. The links for the lyrics are attached below:

  1. Sri Madhwa Nama in Kananda
  2. Sri Madhwa Nama in Sanskrit
  3. Sri Madhwa Nama Lyrics

The Madhwanama is one of the many compositions of Sri Sripadarajaru in Kannada. It describes the virtues of Vayu and his three incarnations-Hanuman, Bheema and Madhwa.

The idea of composing Madhwanama took root when Sri Sripadarajaru realised that many Kannada speaking people were not able to appreciate the Sri Hari Vayu Stuti and the nuances of Madhwa philosophy as they did not know Sanskrit.

Sri Sripadarajaru then decided to teach his students in Kannada. He also preached, gave discourses and even conducted poojas in Mulabagal in Kannada. He composed many songs which were sung for the evening poojes at Mulabagal, Incidentally, they are till sung today too.

Sri Sripadarajaru decided to make the people of Karnataka aware of the greatness of Vayu by writing on his three incarnations. Since Sri Hari Vayu Stuti was in Sanskrit, he decided to write on the same subject in Kannada. Thus was born the Madhwanama. Explanation by B.S.Ramesh my brother.

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