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Rayaru Athyantha Dayalu

Technology has brought us so closer, especially phone and WhatsApp. I was forwarded this amazing video of Pravachana in our WhatsApp group about our Beloved Rayaru. It was a video from Shree Vyasaraja Mutta pravachana. I tried finding it on youtube, and Facebook but was unable to locate it. So, providing the details here in the post. All credit to whoever recorded the video.



Once a man goes to Mantralaya and does Rayaru seva for 3 days. On the 3rd day, Rayaru himself comes in his dream while sleeping and asks why he is doing seva. The man said ” I have Rs3000 loan, unable to repay the loan so please help me repay the loan. Rayaru tells in his dream ” Don’t worry, look at the person who is sleeping next to you, he has a bag, and it has Rs3000. Take that money and go”. This man was shocked, Rayaru is asking me to take money from the person sleeping next to me and runaway? He had so much faith in Rayaru that he put his hand in the bag, takes the money and started running.

While he was running, the person sleeping got woken up, and realizing that this man is taking away my money he started to run behind him. Finally, he caught him, and asked him why are you stealing my money? This person said ” I didn’t steal your money, Rayaru himself came in my dream and asked me to take money from your bag”. I am not a thief, Rayaru asked me to take the money so I took because He instructed me. I am not a thief”. This other guy was so mad he said” You are lying, does anytime Rayaru ask you to steal, you are lying” So, saying he took back the bag with the money and came back and went to sleep.

Rayaru now came in this man’s dream and asked “why are you doing seva, and what do you want”? Swami my leg is not good, can’t walk properly, I drag it a lot, and someone told me if I do your seva I would be able to walk properly”. Rayaru told him, ” how weird you are, I have already given you what you wanted, if you were not able to walk properly, how would you run all the way for such a long distance to get the money that the other guy took?

He was so shocked, he said” Rayare you have done some much to me, I didn’t even realize that you had given me what I asked for”. Rayaru asked him” I gave you your leg, what are you going to give me”? The man said ” I have Rs3000 I will put that in the hundi”. Rayaru told him ” I had already taken it and given to the other guy, so go give it back to him”

Our beloved Rayaru knows everything even without us asking him. He knows what we need to get and what we need to loose. He blesses us when we pray to him. He comes in our dreams, and provides us answers for so many of our tough situations.

As soon as I heard this short video, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I kept thinking Rayare please help me walk as soon as possible, pease help me do your seva, please help me do your namaskaras. All these days, I never asked anything to Rayaru, but this video was just overwhelming.

As always, I had no clue how to share the video, couldn’t find it, so decided to share the list with you all.

Rayare Gathiyu Namage.

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