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Chaturmasa 2018 and Significance of 1 Lakh

During Aadhika Masa, I posted the significance of 33 and all the details. Many of us even did follow them. During Chaturmasa which is coming soon, there are many many vrathas you can follow. In 2018, Chaturmasa starts from July 23rd Monday and ends on November 19th 2018. If you know Sanskrit, Chatur means four and masa means month, Vrata means performing religious activities.  It is 4 months during which it is said Lord Narayana is in deep sleep. Of course, not like us.  These four months are very dear to God and any religious activity or any good deed you do which will be very dear to Lord Narayana.

There are also food restrictions during this 4 month period like you all know.

First month – Saakha Vratha:  Any kind of  vegetable and fruit is prohibited

Second month – Dadhi Vratha: No yogurt, butter milk is allowed

Third month – Ksheera Vratha: No milk

Fourth month – Dwidala Vratha: Any daal or vegetable which when broken splits into two halves. All type of Daals, groundnuts, green peas, any fruit or vegetable that contain multiple seeds is not allowed; apple, orange, grape, pomegranate, cucumber etc etc

Again, not easy to follow, but if you can that’s awesome. Many I know follow this food restriction on dwadashi days.

My eyes brightened when I saw in our Uttaradi mutta panchanga about 1 lakh pradakshina or a few other activities you could do for the next 4 months.

The above text from our panchanga translated in English “1 lakh namaskaras, pradakshina or 1 lakh tulasi, flowers, 1 lakh Deepa vratha. Start during Aashada masa, and finish during Karthika masa. For 1 lakh deepa, karthika, Magha and Vaishakha masa is great. This vratha should be started by doing punyahavachana which is great. Start by recollecting all the bad things you have done, and beg for forgiveness from God. And doing sankalpa recite

” Chaturmasye thu samprapthe keshave shayanam gathe| Aashadasya sithe pakshe ekadashyam samahithe|| Mama lakshanamaskara vrathasya purushothama| Nirvignam thadvratham sangam kugu thvam krupaya hare| papapankanimagnam mam papavaishyasyabhajanam | vrathenanena supreetha samudhara jagathpathe|| “

reciting this do namasakara.

There is also Mauna Vrata, where you can remain silent for a set period of time and focus on God.

There is also Vachika Vrata, where you can spend time reading religious books, donating books and so on.

You can also do 1 Lakh Japa Vrata recite stotras, sahasranamas, saying Shree Raghavendraya Namaha 1 lakh times.

So, based on what you can do, start simple. I thought I could do 1 lakh Namaskaras, but with my broken ankle not sure will be able to do that. I might try doing 1 lakh Japa or something else.

So, remember start this on July 23rd Ekadashi by reciting the above sloka and than continue for the next 4 months.



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