Chandra Grahana – Lunar Eclipse Sunday, 20th January 2019

A Lunar eclipse, Chandra Grahana as we call it is visible in USA on Sunday, January, 20th. The time period is from 10:33 pm to 1:50 am.


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  1. Posted by prakasam on February 26, 2019 at 1:49 am

    You are rally fortunate sandeep


  2. Posted by Sandeep on January 22, 2019 at 3:31 am

    I want to share my experience miracle by Rayahu, I am working in Dubai my job was in trouble they told me to search job with 4 month, we are going to lay off some people form this company so after 4 months we will cancel your visa, find job or go back to India.
    I am very devotee to Rayaru, I pray asked I am in trouble I have family please help to find job. Then I do 3 days pooja very strictly fasting 3 days and following the producer after this doing pooja. My wife got pregnant the day was on Krishna jamdena, I was very happy on that day. but I was in home searching job (since from 1 st sept 2018 to Dec 2018 4 month no salary) it was very difficult to for to handle my house expense and Medical expense of my Wife,

    I pray to Rayaru, doing fasting on every Thursday asking please help to come from this problem.

    Some of the 3 company called took Interview and was not selected upto Oct 2018. Then I lost the believe on Rayaru, (I told to Rayaru until I will pray you with very devotee till I am here in Dubai after that I will not pray you, you’re not for me) No calls and no Interviews, and I decide to come back to India I was planning to shift to India with all my belonging.

    In the End of Oct 2018 1 day, 1 of GM called me can you come for interview in food Court in Mall? (He got my CV from job Consultant)

    Then I said OK, but I was not interested to give interview because the time was very little my mind was set to come back to India. I gave interview he said very good and excellent.

    Then I was hoping that I will get this job, I wait for 2 week no reply from them. In the 2nd week of November 2018. then I call on 11th of November 2018 to GM what happen Sir I am waiting for result of my Interview.

    He said that we cannot hire you because your CV came from JOB CONSULTANT we have pay more money to JOB CONSULTANT our company is not going to pay for hiring people.

    Then I said I will pay and join your company, He NO! NO! you cannot pay because I will be in trouble that the management will think that I am taking money from you and hire you.
    And, he said send your CV to mail ID on 11th of December 2018, I will forward to HR then give interview in front of our management, I said OK sir thank you.

    Then after 2 day he call me that send your CV now tomorrow give your Interview on the same day HR also called for Interview (she from Bangalore he also helped me).

    I got selected on 17 th Nov 2018 I got my offer letter on 26 th of Nov 2018 and the joining was on 15 December 2018.

    I came back to India on 27 th of Nov 2018 my wife was carrying a 4.5 Month baby, I left my wife India with my and her parents.
    Then I visited to Mantralaya and I joined company, now I am working now very happily.
    So believe Rayaru with 100% and very devotee to him he will sure help and find out some any solution. (We cannot expect from how or form where he will help)

    Every Thursday I am doing pooja and fasting for Rayaru.

    This my real experienced in my life, this the only one experience I am shearing you all, but lot miracle by Rayahu I experienced in my life.

    Thank you all and Meera jii

    Thank you to Ragavendra Swami



  3. Posted by Vidhya Gowri on January 20, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Thank you. Any idea of subha/asubha star wise phala for todays grahana? if you have the details please do share.



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