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Appreciate your Support

It has been humbling seeing all your messages, your emails, texts and phone calls. We all deeply appreciate your expression of sympathy. Thank you is a very small word for the support you all have shown us.

It has been tough, and I cannot comprehend how hard it is to come to terms that I don’t have my Amma anymore. I pick up the phone so many times to call her and realize that I will never ever be able to talk to her in my remaining life.

The only consolation is that my Father is staying with me at this point. I get to take care of him, cook for him, console him and share my grief with him. He is devastated. I still see the undeterred faith he has in God and Rayaru. It truly amazes me, since I myself am devastated and question so many times even the existence of God having seen this tragedy.

Once again, I am truly grateful for your support, thoughts and prayers. I am not sure how soon I will start posting here. I am still having trouble getting to terms that my Mom is not there. I am not interested in anything, so might take a few more months to be active here.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay isolated.

May God and our beloved Rayaru bless us all.

Miss you Mom

A day which has etched like none other in the Rao household – 02/24/2020. This is the day we lost our dearest Mother. The loss is unbearable, very raw,  and the deepest sorrow a heart can ever bear. 

A mom who was an exceptional daughter to her parents. A daughter who lives behind her 104 year old Mother in deep grief.

A mom who was a doting Sister to her siblings. A sister who left her brother tear up every time he talked about her, and was quite eager just before her passing away to spend her time with her brother and Mom in Mysore.

A mom who was truly a devoted wife to her Husband. A wife who never left her Husband even for a single day alone. A devoted couple who were married close to 60 years.

A mom who was a role model to her kids especially her daughters. A mother who was a trail blazer showing her kids how to push for their dreams, how to make a mark in this tough world, how to work hard, how to be involved in your kids, how to balance work and home.

A mom who was truly proud of her Son-in-laws. A mother-in-law who was like a Mom to her Son-in-laws who adored her.

A mom who was an amazing grandmother to her grandkids. A grandmother who showed unconditional love towards her grandkids and cherished all their accomplishments.

A mom who was an amazing relative and friend to so many of her relatives & friends. She was there for everyone that needed her during their good and tough times. And yes, we need someone to support us during tough times.

A mom who was an incredible professor to her students. A professor who supported all girls studying in her college and helped them succeed by paying their fees, by providing them emotional support and many a times talking to parents to let the girls continue further studies.

A mom who was kind to anyone she worked with. To the auto driver, to the watchman, to the care taker, to the construction worker next door, each and everyone she touched, loved her for her generosity and empathy she showed.

A mom who will be dearly missed by one and all she touched in her life. A mom who will be dearly missed every second. A void in our life which will never be filled.

Who do we call Amma/Mom now? 

Where do we find the loving arms which waited for us to fly to India?

Where do we find the mom who kept counting not days but minutes for our arrival?

Where do we find the mom with whom we could share anything and everything?

Where do we find the mom who was proud of our achievements?

Where do we find the mom who never ever judged us?

Where do we find the mom who when said “Amma I love you” said “Me too”?

Where do we find the mom who was a fighter and showed us incredible resilience by saying I don’t have anything to worry when she was battling sickness?

A void in our life which will never ever be filled.

We love you MOM. We pray and wish we get a Mom like you in every life, and wish we can be a mom like you to our Kids.

Rao Family

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