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Kosambari Dosa

What do you do when you have almost 2 cups of Kosambari leftover? You can’t throw it away because of all the good ingredients you have in there like Moong dal, Channa dal, coconut, cucumber, green chillies. We had so much food prepared for Shree Krishna Janmasthami that the entire two varieties of Kosambari was untouched.

We do eat Kosambari a lot at my house, but with all the food that we had, no one touched it. So, I remembered once in my in-laws house they had mentioned grinding it and making dosa. I decided to give it a try and it turned out delicious.

Very simple, add all the Kosambari and 2 tsp rice flour to a mixer jar, grind it and make delicious dosas. Since it already had all the ingredients, I didn’t even add salt to it.

Next time you have leftover Kosambari try this recipe.

Serve with chatni or chatni powder.

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