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Be Human

I got woken up around 2.15 AM today Friday with severe headache and back pain. My first reaction was “I might have COVID, courtesy the visit to a dentist to get the crown replaced”. My daughter was so upset I had gone to a dentist. She has first hand seen COVID patients and how they suffer. This pain sent shivers, and immediately in the dark night I ran towards the dresser to get the perfume bottle out, spray and smell it. It smelled amazing and I was like thank god I am okay. I had heard if you are unable to smell, than you definitely have COVID. I have heard from so many family, friends and colleagues of their beloved ones losing life to COVID or getting so sick with it.

I couldn’t go back to sleep, all night I kept thinking of the thousands who have lots their lives and the many more thousands of loved ones who couldn’t say goodbye to their loved ones. Having lost my Mom a couple months ago, I know how tough it is, the long journey to India knowing Mom is no more, the pain of saying goodbye to her knowing I will never hug her again, knowing I will never talk to her again, knowing I will never tell her “Amma I love you” and collapsed on the ground when she was taken to be cremated. My loved ones hugged me, consoled me, talked to me and were with me. I will never ever be able to forget each one of them. I pray for their wellbeing.

None of that happened to the thousands who were so loved, who wanted to be held, wanted to be consoled. Tears flowed all night and I prayed for everyone who lost their life, I prayed for everyone who lost their loved one. Many weren’t even able to cremate or bury their loved ones. They couldn’t perform the last rites.

No matter what color, race, religion, country you belong, just this one time try to belong to humanity. The light is at the end of the tunnel, we just need to be patient. There is no other humane thing we can do during this pandemic than wear mask and not spread it to others.

Be human and respect every human life. That is our utmost responsibility at this time during the pandemic. 

Wear a mask, social distance, stay home and save life.

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