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Shodhopachara pooja for Rayaru by Sri Krishnavadhootaru

Yesterday during our Monthly Satsangha on Zoom, I recited the Duhkha Harana Stotra written by Sri Krishnavadhootaru. Sri Krishnavadhootaru is one of two greatest devotees of our beloved Rayaru along with Shree Appanacharyaru. 

Today morning as I open the email, I see an email from Shri Canchi Ravi sir about Shodhopachara pooja for Rayaru. I am blessed to have parents who I worship as God, I feel God couldn’t be everywhere so he sent them to us. I also feel the same with many of my extended families and one of them is Canchi Ravi Sir. It is not a coincidence that several times I have received his email during though and challenging times. I feel this is a divine connection through none other than our beloved Rayaru.

Here is the contents of Sir’s email:

 Recently one devotee enquired about Rayara idol and pooja.  Recently I got the below Shodadhopachara pooja for Rayaru, written by Sri Krishnavadhootaru.  You must be knowing about this great Rayara devotee (like Appannacharyaru).  In his book he has stated that himself and Appannacharyaru were Dwarapalakas for Prahlada Rajaru.  Do many Rayara stotras, including Sahasranama stotra starting from Akara to Kshakara.  Aksharamalika stotra also written by him.  
     Hope the below given matter will be helpful to many devotees.
And here is the page, I will soon translate into English and post as well.

P.S: All credit to Canchi Sir and Tulasi Mutta for helping us serve our beloved Rayaru. 

You can read more about Sri Krsihnavadhootaru in the blog below.

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