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Guru Purnima or Vyasa Purnima

Guru Purnima or Vyasa Purnima is dedicated to our Gurus they might be spiritual or even our teachers. For me, there is no greater spiritual guru other than my Late Mom and my Father. Every call I used to have with my Mother she had some spiritual story about either Shree Raghavendra Swamigalu, or our Dasaru or something she had read in the magazines. Mom was a voracious reader.

And now my Father every day when I talk to him, he guides me on every single step whether it is daily pooje, the significance of certain days, reciting certain slokas, or some important facts about our Gurugalu, Dasaru and God. He also like my mother is a voracious reader. Doesn’t watch TV, always has a book in his hand. Mostly written by our great Saints.

I owe everything I know, everything I do in my spiritual journey to my Parents. My Koti Koti namakaras to my mother and my Father on this day.

Today my father wrote a page about Guru Purnima and shared it on whatsapp. Attached is the same and I have also translated the same in English for everyone else.

Shree – 24/07/2021 (Saturday)

Vyasa Purnima

The birthday of Shree VedaVyasaru. Hence this day is called Vyasa Purnima or Guru Purnima. He is the great grandson of Sage Vashista. Grandson of Maharshi Shakthi. Son of Maharshi Parashira. His mother is Satyavathi.

  1. Since he was born in the lineage of Vashista he is called “Vashista”.
  2. Being the son of Parashara he is called “Parashara”.
  3. Since he divided the Vedas he is called “Veda Vyasa”.
  4. Since he did Tapasu in Badari to get Lord Narayana’s blessings “Badarayana”.
  5. Being a part of Lord Vishnu ” Vishnu Kalodbhava”.
  6. Being dark, and born in an island ” Krishna Dwaipayana” or “Dwaipayana”.

Created 18 puranas – 1 lakh slokas in Mahabharatha. Resides in all gyanis. That’s why this purnima is popularly known as “Vyasa Purnima” or “Guru Purnima”.

Shree Krishnarpanamasthu – BGS ( B G Subbarao)

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