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2021 Krishna Janmasthami Pictures

Hope you all had a wonderful festival. What a treasure the blog was for all recipes, slokas and stotras. Rather than using several books, I just take my laptop along with me so I have easy access to everything. While cooking, I have it on my island so I can lookup recipes. This blog truly has become my own encyclopedia. There are many things I could improve, hopefully I will get sometime to work on those improvements.

As far as items I prepared, there were 3 new items this year I prepared. Peanuts Laddoo, Wheat flour Laddoo, and Sajjappa. I will post recipes for each of them.

All Tulasi, jasmine flowers, Roses, Shevantige – Mums were from our Garden. Also, were vegetables likes green chillies, capsicum, and cucumber from our garden.

The list with three new recipes was almost as same as last year.

  • Moong dal Kosambari
  • Channa dal Kosambari
  • Sweet Avalakki
  • Mosaru Avalakki
  • Khara Avalakki
  • Thengolu
  • Om Pudi
  • Shankar Poli
  • Chakli
  • Peanut Laddoo
  • Sajjappa
  • Wheat Laddoo

And here are some pictures from the festival. We followed the Vrata Ratna Mala book my father had given me in 2012.

3 Minutes Sandhyavandana

Tattvavada E-Library on Twitter shared two links, and their message was Aapatkaala Sandhyavandana (3 minutes Sandhyavandana) by Sri Sri Bannanje Sri Raghavendrateertharu. When I asked permission to post the link, I was told “Please also note that this was translated by our team and not by the Mutt in any capacity.

The two links shared were for English and Kannada. Just click the download, down arrow and save onto your computer or any device.

Sankalpa Mantra for America

You all must have been performing sankalpa when you visit any temple and ask to perform any pooja. Many of you might be doing it even daily, like I do when I start my morning prayers. If you have been doing Sandyavandhana also you will be doing sankalpa.

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word, which means resolution. By doing sankalpa you are verbally trying to convey your intention to the people around you and the Lord almighty about what you are going to do. It is like a pledge or an oath.

The sankalpa mantra for America is different from India. And I had this small page from a temple calendar which I used in the beginning, and now it is memorized and on a daily basis and even during our monthly satsangha’s I recite the sankalpa.

The mantra for India is available everywhere, here I am posting the mantra for America. Download any daily vedic calendar, and recite the mantra when you are performing pooje.

Click on the image above and you can see it clearly.

This blog has much more details on sankalpa and all its elements.

Shree Krishna Janmasthami – August 29th 2021

Shree Krishna Janmasthami this year is celebrated on Sunday August 29th 2021. Please check your local calendars for the correct date. Some places it is being celebrated on Monday August 30th 2021.


I have posted several posts for many years now, and this one has all the links for easy access to you all. Hope you all have a wonderful celebrations and get the blessings from our Lord Krishna. Click on the links below to get all information. May Lord Krishna bless us all.

  1. Pooja preparation Tips and Tricks

  2. Simple and easy mantras to chat during Shree Krishna Janmashtami

  3. Pooja Details

  4. All recipes

  5. All Lyrics

  6. Shree Krishna Ashtotra in Kannada Sanskrit

  7. Shree Krishna Ashtotra in English

Rayaru Uttaradhane Pictures – 2021

3rd day pictures. Guru Sarvabhowma ki Jai. What an amazing three days of pooje we had at our home. Waking up early each day, preparing food even the most basic to be offered as Naivedya to our beloved Rayaru, reciting all the stotras, 108 Rayaru shatanamavali, and 108 pradakhinas in the morning, evening pooje and reciting my favorite songs and to offer all the seva to Rayaru and Almighty Lord Krisha was truly humbling.

The first day, we offered rice, dal and hayagreeva to Rayaru.

Second day it was rice, dal, and Appi Payasa the most favorite of our beloved Rayaru.

Third day it was rice, dal, akki kadalebale payasa, and mu husband prepared Channa dal chutney which is Rayaru’s favorite. Having the Mritika brindavana truly brought some divine blessings by our beloved Rayaru. I will be ever grateful for my father for this gift. And ever grateful for my Mother for the devotion and any bhakti we have on Rayaru.

Like they say “Kereya neeranu kerege chelli”, giving back a little from so much Rayaru and God has given us, back to Rayaru and Almighty Lord with our dedication, sincerity and bhakti. We had brought coconuts, 5 different fruits, fresh milk, Butter milk, all fresh items, ghee, flowers, with lots of Tulasi, Dhavana, and plantain leaf from our own garden.

None of this would have been possible without 100% support from my Husband and all the pooje he did for Lord Almighty and Rayaru Mritika Brindavana.

Some pictures from my home from today’s pooje.

Rayaru Madhyaradhane Pictures – 2021

2nd day pictures. Guru Sarvabhowma ki Jai.

Some pictures from my home.

Rayaru Poorvaradhane Pictures – 2021

Hopefully you all are having an amazing and blessed Rayaru aaradhane 2021. I am sharing pictures from my home. We did Rayaru mrithika brindavana pooje, the brindavana given to us by my Father. We also did panchamrutha abhisheka and naivedya of rice, dal and hayagreeva.

And on the other side for doing namaskaras, arranged all of our pictures, Rayaru books and idols. Did 108 pradakshina namaskara. I had taken 3 days off, but had to cancel due to some urgent work.

Some pictures from my home.

I will share pictures from Mantralaya and around the world.

Shri Raghavendra Swamy Aaradhane 2021

  • August 23rd – Monday – Sree Raghavendra Swamy Poorva Aaradhane

  • August 24th – Tuesday – Sree Raghavendra Swamy Madya Aaradhane

  • August 25th – Wednesday – Sree Raghavendra Swamy Uttara Aaradhane

In some cities in USA, including Maryland it is being celebrated on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

And also watch Mantralaya celebrations online. 



Shri Raghavendra Swamy Aaradhane  is celebrated all across India, and many other countries in Rayara Matta’s and also many households. My parents do Rayara Seva every year during Aaradhane, and I being a strong devotee  of Rayaru do it myself; no matter where I am in the world. I did it when I was in India, Dubai and continue doing here as well in the USA. So, if you are a devotee, than try doing as much or as little as possible to this great Guru of ours and get his blessings.

If you need to know how to do Seva, here is a link from the Mantralaya web site about who and how the seva should be performed. Read the link here:

In paragraph 10, it clearly states other ways of offering seva to Rayarau as such:

10.Are there other ways of performing Seva to Rayaru?

Yes. As stated before, if one is sincere and devoted to Hari, Vayu and Rayaru, there are many ways of performing Seva to Rayaru. The following section lists some of the main ones:

a) Sitting in one place and reciting Sri Raghavendra stotra 108 times.

b) Hejje namaskara (going around the Brindavana advancing one foot at a time and performing namaskara for each stride)

c) Urulu Seva – rolling on the body and going around the brindavana. This is forbidden for women.

d) Reciting Sri Raghavendra stotra 108 times while performing abhisheka for Rayara Brindavana with cow’s milk.

e) Going through religious works composed by great gyaanis; some of the popular ones are Sudha, Parimala, Sri Madhva Vijaya,Sri Raghavendra Vijaya etc.

In all of the above cases, the main ingredient is sincerity, pure heart and intense devotion.

I have added several lyrics on Shri Raghavendra Swamy in this blog, you can look for those at the lyrics page, or click on the Shri Raghavendra Swamy categories section and you will be listed with several songs. There are several songs as well on the audio on youtube page.

A new page is also created with all the lyrics for our beloved Rayaru.


The Bhagavad Gita

There is an English phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Which is true in many cases, but in the case of the book I am reading just by seeing the cover of the book you can imagine how amazing this book is.

I was referred to a digital version of the book by my Satsangha Sister ( yes, we are Sisters by Rayaru’s grace) Ms. Rekha Boray. She shared the digital version of the book, and it stayed on my laptop until the past 3 days. Exactly a week back, Rekha asked me if my Father would be interested in reading this book, and to give his Bangalore address so Dr. Giridhar Boray her brother-in-law can ship it in Bangalore. Within days, my father received the book and started reading it. And on Monday he told me he had completed a few chapters and how amazing it was.

I immediately opened my personal laptop and have been reading the digital version as soon as I finish my day job. I am tremendously addicted (not sure what other word to use) to the Gita. Dr. Boray has provided such amazing explanations, snippets from Our Guru Madhwacharya and also our beloved Rayaru. The explanation of each verse is just outstanding. The Verses are in Sanskrit and English, and the entire book written in English.

This is what I said to Rekha since I completed 5 chapters “I finished 5 chapters and am clean bowled by the book . Tremendous it is. My mind is more calm, I have clarity in my life, and I understand my purpose in this world.”

I had learnt Gita as a school kid, and learnt Sanskrit in High School. So, it is a bit tough to recite the verses, so I use online to listen to each one of them, go back to the book, reread the verse and read the explanation.

Dr. Boray has written an amazing book, based on Shri Raghavendra Teertha’s “Gita Vivruti”. If you need a copy of the book, please email Dr. Boray

I pray to Lord Almighty and our bleloved Rayaru to bless Dr. Boray for this amazing service to help us get to the right path.

Once again, the book is written in English. And a sample of how the book provides the verses in Sanskrit, followed by English, and detailed explanations.

No matter what your mother tongue, We all know English language and this book should help each and everyone of us in our spiritual journey.

Once again, thanks a million Dr. Boray for sharing the book with my Father and guiding us all in our journey.

Sarvamoola Grantha’s Online

I saw the link on Twitter and also several people shared on whatsapp. Entire grantha’s are available online in several languages such as English, Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. A simple screen share below.

What an amazing initiative to get them on the web so the entire Hindu population across the world speaking many different languages can benefit from the same.

Truly amazing. See link below.

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