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Tower Idlis or Cup Idlis

What’s in the shape you may say? But, honestly the different types of Idlis you prepare taste differently with different sizes and shapes. The same Idli batter when done in normal idli plate versus plate idli the taste is completely different. I can attest to this because we make Plate or Tatte idli for Lord Ganesha festival and it truly tastes divine. And the batter we use is the same.

Today, with the Idli batter we had, my Husband surprised me with these Tower Idli’s. When he brought the small steel coffee glasses from the stack of steel utensils we had, I thought it was for drinking small amounts of coffee rather than using the oversized coffee mugs we use here in the USA.

When I came back to the kitchen after several meetings, I saw Tower Idlis ready to be eaten. He used two different steel tumblers for making the Idlis. If you have small size steel glasses or tumblers try this new type of Idlis.

And having those on plantain leaf was just too delicious. With a dollop of ghee on those piping hot idlis and yummy sambhar what’s to not like these idli’s right?

Avidhava Navami – September 30th 2021

This Thursday September 30th 2021 is Avidhava Navami I was told by my Brother and Father. I had never ever heard of this special day. Found out from both of them that for women who are Mutaides and leave this world before their Husbands, and while husbands are still alive this special day is celebrated during Paksha Masa.

The word Avidhava means one who is not a widow or sumangali. According to our scriptures, Avidhava Navami is to be observed till the husband of the sumangali is alive.

I felt a deep pain listening to this, since it is now happening to our mother.

For those of you who have lost your Mothers, this is the day to give Bhagina for married women in the name of your mothers. Many of you may have lost your Sisters, Aunts, grandmothers and if their husbands are still alive is when this is celebrated. So, take a moment to donate on this day.

Let’s take the time to remember them, pray for them and seek blessings from them.

Lord Daksinamurti

This weekend we visited Arsha Vidya Gurukulam situated in Pocono Mountains, PA USA with family and friends. It is in between acres and acres of land with several wooded trails. It was founded in 1986.

You can find more details about the same on their website.

Arsha Vidya is home to a shrine of Lord Daksinamurti, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

To be very honest, all of my life I had never heard about Lord Daksinamurti. We all know Daksina means south and murti means form. Lord Dakshinamurti is always facing south. Also, Lord Daksinamurti is said to be a Guru or teacher who guides us on to the right path, he is worshipped as the god of wisdom. Lord Daksinamurti imparts knowledge with love and compassion.

Lord Daksinamurti is shown with four arms facing the south. He is seated with several sages listening in great attention to his teachings. His right foot is placed on the demon of ignorance ‘Apasmara’. Lord Daksinamurti left foot is folded on his lap as you seen in the above photo. One of his upper arms wields a snake and the other holds a flame. His lower right hand is shown in the Vyakhyanamudra posture and the lower left is shown grasping a bundle Holy Scriptures.

So, if you are reading this post, teach your kids this simple stotra of Lord Daksinamurti for them to attain knowledge and excel in their studies.

Om Namo Bhagwathe Dakshinamurthaye Mahyam, Medham Pragnam Prayacha Swaha!

“ಒಂ ನಮೋ ಭಗವತೇ ದಕ್ಷಿಣಾಮೂರ್ತಯೇ ಮಹ್ಯಂ ಮೇಧಾಂ ಪ್ರಜ್ಞಾಂ ಪ್ರಯಚ್ಛ ಸ್ವಾಹಾ” chant just 8 times daily. 

Thursday is when you do pooje for Lord Daksinamurti and also on Guru Purnima day.

There are several Mantras dedicated to Lord Daksinamurti and people pray to him for protection, overall well-being and success in education is what I was told from my friends.

I throughly enjoyed every minute of my stay, and completely forgot I even existed. That’s how powerful the Arsha Vidalaya premises are. The greenery like you can see, the satvic food, the vibration of listening the vedas was just out of this world.
If you are in USA, and are able to visit this amazing place, do make a trip.

Sri Jagannatha Daasaru – The Movie

In the legendary Kannada HaridAsa (saint-poets) lineage, Sri Jagannatha dAsaru is a prominent 18th century HaridAsa who holds a remarkable place in the dAsa quaternary (chatushTeyaru) with Sri Purandara dasaru, Sri Vijaya dasaru, and Sri Gopala dasaru.

He was born in Manvi, Karnataka and was named “Srinivasa acharya”. He grew up to be an adept Sanskrit scholar with excessive pride.

One day, he arrogantly underestimates Sri Vijaya dAsaru’s scholarly qualities, turns down his banquet invite, and suffers severe stomach ailment.

His life takes interesting turns as he transforms from a prideful scholar to a cult HaridAsa ‘Sri Jagannatha dAsaru’, who then goes on to author a multitude of exemplary contributions and the magnum opus of haridAsa literature -“HarikathamruthasAra” with “Jagannatha ViTTala” pen-name (ankita).

All this and many more amazing moments are beautifully captured in the upcoming movie “Sri Jagannatha DAsaru” – watch & support this great cause. Releasing soon on digital platforms, stayed tuned !!

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Update: Mahalaya Paksha Masa – September 21st – October 5th 2021

The fortnight (15 days) preceding the Navaratri/Dasara or the second half “Krishna Paksha” of Bhadrapada Masa is called Pitru Paksha also known as Mahalaya Paksha. This period is important for honoring our ancestors. This year it falls on the following days in the United States and India.
I was talking to my Father and he said this is the period where you remember all people who have made some impact in your life, relatives, friends, well wishers who have departed this world, and you have no way to convey your thanks, gratitude to them, and this is the time to offer your tarpana and say Thanks to them. Such noble thoughts. The person doesn’t have to be just your father or mother, anyone who is not in this world and you know them. Our religion is just awesome. We just have to know the real meaning of why we do certain rituals.
No functions such as upanayanam, marriage, gruhapravesha, engagement or any such activities performed during these 15 days. These 15 days are totally dedicated to our ancestors.
Pitru Paksha – Mahalaya Paksha :September 21st – October 5th 2021
There are many resources available online to assist in giving tarpana and doing shradha for the departed souls of ones family. Attached below are all the links.
If you have any resource, please share.

Ms. Anuradha found this information about Pithru paksha on twitter by a person Bhargava sharma @bhargavasarma. Sharing it here.

P.S: Please refer to dates in your country, and check with elders or temple priests.


Interesting facts about Jagannatha Dasaru

Credit: My Brother B.S.Ramesh

My brother shares lots of interesting facts n our daily whatsapp chat. He truly has extraordinary memory and is a voracious reader. He shared all the below interesting facts about Dasaru. The past week was Jagannatha Dasaru Aaradhane and that’s when my brother was sharing all the details.

Jagannatha dasaru was a friend of Dewan poornaiah. The dasa was very well known fir his Rangoli.
He always drew rangoli while singing and, therefore, came to be known as Rangoli Dasaru.
He visited Srirangapatna twice and Dewan poornaiah came to know of the devotion of Dasaru when he found that Dasaru had drawn a rangoli of lord Ranganatha without certain ornaments.

When the Dewan asked Dasaru the reason, he replied that the Lord was not wearing the ornaments .
The Dewan ordered his bodyguards to go to the Ranganatha temple and check the veracity of the claim.

The body guards came back ,and said the Archaka had not set the ornament on the idol.

Jagganatha Dasaru has a very close connection with Rayaru. When Rayaru was Prahalada, Dasaru was his younger brother Sahalada. When Rayaru was Balika Raja, Dasaru was king Salya,the brother of Queen madri and mother of Nakula and Sahadeva. Salya was the charioteer of karna. He was equal to Krishna in steering a chariot.

Though a lot is known about Jagannatha Dasa and his magnum opus,” Harikatamrutasara”, very few know that his father, Narasappa, was also a dasa. Narasappa was a landlord of Byagavatti village, now called Talati, near Manvi in Raichur district.

Narasappa worked as a Kulkarni – an official who collected taxes. He was falsely framed and implicated in a case and dismissed from service.

Narasappa then approached Timmannayya, the Dewan of Adoni – which then was under the Nawabs.
Thimannayya gave Narasappa a small piece of land and advised him to give up service under the nawab.
Timmanayya himself came under the influence of Vijaya dada and took to the dada tradition. He came to be known as Gopal Vittala.

Narasappa settled in manvi and became a dasa with the Ankita Narasimha Vittala .
When Jagannatha dasa was born- he was called Srinivas Acharya then- Gopala Vittala advised Narasimha Vittala to send his son for further studies to the Rayaru Matha at MAntralaya.

Srinivas Acharya met the then matha pontiff, Varadendra tveeetha and instantly composed a five stanza poem called Varadendra Pancharathnam.

The first stanza was in praise of varadendra theertha and Varadaraja swamy, the second was in Rayaru and Lord Rama, the third was on Vasudeva and Vayu, fourth was on moola ramadevaru and setting up of the matha in mantralaya and the last was a desire by Sreenivasa Acharya to study .

Tomato Uppittu or Upma

We have hundreds and hundreds of Tomatoes, green chillies and capsicum growing in our garden. My husband loves Tomato Uppittu or Upma. So, less ingredients, and a very very tasty upma. Yummy.


So, used almost 10 big tomatoes, 5 red chillies in this Uppittu or Upma.


  • 1 cup Rava or Sooji or Rave
  • 10 big tomatoes chopped.
  • 5 red chillies.
  • 4-5 curry leaves finely chopped
  • 3 tsp finely chopped cilantro
  • Salt to taste
  • sugar to taste
  • 2-3 tsp Oil, and 1 tsp mustard seeds,  1/2 tsp turmeric, pinch of hing for seasoning


First, in a non stick pan or any deep vessel fry the rava continuously until it turns golden brown. Make sure it doesn’t burn out. Transfer this onto a plate.

Next, add  oil. When it is hot enough add all the seasoning ingredients one after another. Add green chillies and curry leaves also. Add the tomatoes and 2 cups of water and cover. Let this boil until the tomates are cooked. Now add the salt, sugar. Once this boils as well, slowly add the rava. While you are adding rava, make sure there are no lumps, so keep stirring continuously. It should look watery when you have added all the rava.

Now, cover the vessel, and cook on slow fire for another 15-20 minutes, once the rava is cooked, add coconut, finely chopped cilantro.


Serve with chatnipudi and yoghurt. Enjoy.

What does Morya mean?

Credit: My brother B.S.Ramesh shared on our whatsapp.

There is a significance of the word MORYA in “Ganapati Bappa Morya”!!

Devotees chant Ganapati Bappa Morya all the time to sing the praises of Lord Ganesh. But how many of us know what the word Morya signify?

The word Morya refers to a famous devotee of Lord Ganesh in the fourteenth century called Morya Gosavi, originally from village called Shaligram in Karnataka where his devotion was looked upon as madness!!

He later travelled and settled in Chinchvad, near Pune and invoked the Lord with severe penance. He attained siddhi (special powers and blessings) at Shree Chintamani and his son built the temple to commemorate the event. It is said that Moryaji also performed penances at Siddhi Vinayak in Ahmedabad and in Moreshwar/Mayureshwar at Moregoan where he also built the temple. Overwhelmed by the devotion of Moryaji, he was blessed by Lord

Ganesha to fullfill any of his wish. Morya asked to be remembered forever on this earth whenever anyone remembers his Lord, as his ‘Param Bhakt’.

Thus this depicts the inseparable relationship between God and his devotee.” Always remember this when you say ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya’.

Blog Hits a New Record -1.6 Crore 16 Million Views

Last year I had posted about 1.4 crores 14 million views. I lost track of the number of visitors and never paid any attention when it had even crossed 1.5 crores 15 million views. As I was spending sometime today, I saw the statistics and was blown away.

The first person I would tell was my Mother. I know she is somewhere up there and watching over me and blessing me as always.

To be honest today when I saw the number, I had tears in my eyes. The love and affection I have received from so many of you even without seeing you all is truly humbling. How blessed and lucky I am to be able to receive the same from all of you.

To know I inspire so many of you to be able to perform pooje, to have a work life balance, and to be able to show that no matter what high position we are at work, no matter where you live, no matter how much you earn, at the end of the day if you are not able to submit yourself to the Almighty Lord what use is this amazing gift of life we have been given.

I always thought if my blog is able to inspire 1 person, my goal is achieved. I thought the same at work also, if I am able to motivate 1 person to look at my work ethics, my passion, and say “If Meera is able to reach such amazing position at work, why not me?”. With your emails, texts, messages, and messages on LinkedIn I know I have inspired so many of you in your spiritual, life and work journey.


And it goes without saying, my sincere namaskaras to Lord Almighty and our beloved beloved RAYARU.


2021 Ganesha Festival

We had an amazing festival, hope you all had a wonderful Gowri Ganesha Festival. We visited my Sister’s place for Gowri festival. Ganesha was performed at our home.

Last week we had visited New York for the US Open Tennis tournaments. On our return we stopped by at Edison, New Jersey and purchased an amazing Rajastani Mantap and matching table, and also got eco friendly Ganesha. I also did some DIY Gejje vastra, which you can see in some pictures, will post soon.

We had many many family and friends visit us in the morning and night. The food was as always very elaborate for this great festival.

  1. Moong Dal Kosambari
  2. Chana Dal Kosambari
  3. Potato Palya
  4. Chayote – Seeme Badanekayi Palya
  5. Idli
  6. Chatni
  7. Dal Thove
  8. Saaru/Rasam
  9. Kootu
  10. Appi Payasa
  11. Kadabu
  12. Modaka
  13. Capsicum Vegetable bath
  14. Happala
  15. Potato and Chayote bonda

To see everyone have food on plantain leaf was a feast to the eyes. All the flowers, tulasi, cucumber, green chillies, capsicum, plantain leaf were from our garden.

It was good I had taken Thursday and Friday off from work. And having the weekend was a blessing to recover and be ready for work starting Monday.

I missed my Mom so so much, was able to talk to my Father and to hear the joy in this voice when I told him all the menu and how every single pooje I do, I dedicate to him. And everything I am spiritually is because of my parents. They never ever told me from when my memory serves, that I am a girl, I cannot do this, I cannot do that. Blesses I am to have such amazing parents.

Some pictures from the festival. Click on each image to see them in high resolution.

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