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Avidhava Navami – September 30th 2021

This Thursday September 30th 2021 is Avidhava Navami I was told by my Brother and Father. I had never ever heard of this special day. Found out from both of them that for women who are Mutaides and leave this world before their Husbands, and while husbands are still alive this special day is celebrated during Paksha Masa.

The word Avidhava means one who is not a widow or sumangali. According to our scriptures, Avidhava Navami is to be observed till the husband of the sumangali is alive.

I felt a deep pain listening to this, since it is now happening to our mother.

For those of you who have lost your Mothers, this is the day to give Bhagina for married women in the name of your mothers. Many of you may have lost your Sisters, Aunts, grandmothers and if their husbands are still alive is when this is celebrated. So, take a moment to donate on this day.

Let’s take the time to remember them, pray for them and seek blessings from them.

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