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Chandi Homa at SSVT, Maryland

Having several temples at driving distance is truly amazing. Shree Shiva Vishnu Temple in Maryland is just around 12 miles from our house. We visit the temple on all important occasions. The deities, the vibrations at the temple brings such calmness to our mind when we visit.

Today morning, we visited the temple since they were performing Chandi homa on the occasion of Navarathri. We had given for special pooje, so were extremely blessed to be part of the homa. Especially during the time of poornahuti, the items offered to Goddess Durga was mesmerizing. The priests reciting the vedas takes us to a different world altogether.

And to watch the Abhisheka for Goddess Durga, and later Alankara was stunning.

The temple also had, amazing decorations of dolls and had adorned Goddess with 108 sarees. If you are in and around Maryland, plan a visit to the temple in the next few days.

Temple website :

Some pictures I am sharing.

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