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Shri Krishna Vrundavana, North Carolina

Yesterday, Friday we visited the Shri Krishna Vrundavana temple in North Carolina. It is about 25 minutes from my Daughters home. We were visiting her due to Thanksgiving holidays here in the USA.

The temple is around 150 steps from the Shree Venkateswara temple in Cary, NC. We always visited the Shree Venkateswara temple, and now to walk a few steps and visit our Lord Almighty Krishna, Shree Mukyaprana Devaru and beloved Rayaru is amazing.

His Holiness Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji of Puthige Mutt, Udupi, has established a chain of Sri  Krishna Vrundavanas in USA with idols of Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Mukhyaprana and the Brindavana of Sri Rayaru. We have actually visited the temples in Canada, New Jersey, Arizona and now North Carolina.

With the permission from the priest, who is from Udupi and knew all the priests from our Maryland temple, I clicked a few pictures to share with you all.

Attached below are some pictures from the temple.

Idols of Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Mukhyaprana and the Brindavana of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji.

Lord KrishnaSri Mukhyaprana Devaru

ShreeRaghavendra Gurugalu

According to the temple website “On Sunday, October 25th  2020, the idols of Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Mukhyaprana and the brundavana of Sri Raghavendra were installed at an auspicious muhurta and  panchamrutha abhisheka and kalashabhisheka were performed by Puthige Swamiji. In his benedictory speech, Puthige Swamiji said there is a link between the number eight and Lord Krishna, the eighth child of Devaki and the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu who incarnated on Ashtami. The number eight is dear to Lord Krishna. So, he was pleased and moved by the devotion shown by the people of Raleigh and chose Raleigh as His eighth branch in the USA.”

Attached is the link for the temple website.

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