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Namo Namo Aśeṣa Dosha Dura

Another interesting conversation with my Father. As we were discussing the previous post I shared about The Concluding Benedictory verse of Gita Vivruti by Rayaru  My father mentioned about the Anubhasya written by Our Guru Madhwacharyaru. And the concluding verse of the 4th Chapter.

Father had taught me this while doing Mangalaruthi to God.

The verse is very simple and below is the same in English, and Kannada. with meaning for each word. I also looked up the Sanskrit dictionary and provided alternate meanings.

So, as explained by my Father, and my own research of each word in Sanskrit dictionary.

Namo Namo Aśeṣa Dōṣadūra Purna gunatmane

Viranchi Sharva purvedya vandyaya Śrīvaraya te

ನಮೋ ನಮೋ ಅಶೇಷ ದೋಷದೂರ ಪೂರ್ಣ ಗುಣಾತ್ಮನೇ

ವಿರಿಂಚಿ ಶರ್ವ ಪೂರ್ವೇಡ್ಯ ವಂದ್ಯಾಯ ಶ್ರೀವರಾಯ ತೇ

Namo – Salutations, worship

Aśeṣa (अशेष).—Without remainder, whole, all, entire, complete, perfect

Doṣa (दोष)  – Defect, fault

Dūra (दूर) – Removed

Dōṣadūra – faultlessness; defectlessness; perfection

Pūrṇa (पूर्ण) —  filled, full, filled with or full of

Guṇa (गुण) – Of good quality

guṇa-ātmane गुण-आत्मने – who is the ultimate controller of the modes of nature

Viranchi (विरञ्चि): Brahma – he who creates

Śarva (शर्व) — A name of Śiva Rudra

Pūrva (पूर्व) – being before or in front, fore, first, etc. etc.

Īḍya (ईड्य).—[adjective] praiseworthy, To be praised or glorified

Vandhyāya – Unto to whom all should bow down, one who is worshipped

Śrī (श्री, “fortune”).—One of the names of Lakṣmī

Vara – most respected amongst all gods, also means shreshta 


Śrīvara (श्रीवर) — epithets of Lord Vishnu – Also, Consort or Husband of Laksmi

Te- to you

So, the full meaning:

My salutations again and again to Him, who is the Consort of Laksmi, who is defect-less,  who is complete, perfect, full of heavenly qualities, who is worshipped by Brahma, Shiva and other deities etc.

I was reciting this when I did Mangalaruthi at home and during satsangha. Now, I will make sure I recite it everyday as many times as I can.

The Bhagavad Gita – Free eBook

Over the past few months, I have referred to this book so many times in my blog. I had the eBook which I read. I am almost always on my computer, and it is easy for me to refer text, search than having a hard copy. 

The earlier post I wrote is here:

The Bhagavad Gita

Dr. Boray has provided link for getting the eBook for free. My Rayaru’s Sister Rekha mentioned the link and I decided to post the same.

I hope many of you will avail this opportunity to get the eBook and read the same. Once again the book is in English so anyone can read the same.

Download the eBook here:

Dr. Giridhar Boray- The Bhagavad Gita

Once again, a million thanks to Dr. Boray for providing the free link and Mrs. Rekha for sharing the link. May Lord Krishna and beloved Rayaru bless them abundantly.


Patram Pushpam Phalam Toyam

I have digressed a little from my original plan of posting Rayaru miracles. I speak to my Father daily. Almost everyday, he tells an interesting story from the Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Shree Bhagavad Gita or Shreemad Bhagavatha that he would have read.

Today, he talked about the devotion and bhakti of Vidura’s wife Sulabha. As told by my father from the Mahabharatha book he was reading. I have recollected and written. Pardon any mistakes. The ultimate is Bhakti.

Before the Mahabharatha war began, Lord Krishna decided to visit Hastinapur and talk to Duryodhana about peace, and asking him to give the rightful land the Pandavas deserved. Duryodhana had prepared elaborate feast for the arrival of Lord Krishna and waited eagerly assuming Lord Krishna would accept his invitation and come to his palace.

Vidura who had a simple cottage offered everything he could Lord Krishna and waited to see if he would come to his house. Lord Krishna rejected Duryodhana’s invitation, and straight went to Vidura’s house. Lord comes straight to Vidura’s house and tells I am hungry. Sulabha knew they had nothing to offer and brought Bananas and water to offer to the Lord.

Sulabha was waiting for many years to serve the Lord. She was longing to serve him, was longing to see him, longing to have his darshana. She runs to the kitchen to get food, she had no food, hadn’t cooked anything at all since Krishna had entered her house unannounced. She sees Banana and brings them to Lord Krishna in a plate. She sits below Lord Krishna, peels the Bananas and offers to the Lord. Lord Krishna keeps eating them. In the meantime, Vidura who walks in and sees Lord Krishna eating not Bananas but Banana peels. Sulabha would have peeled the Banana and put the fruit on the side tray and given Lord Krishna the Banana peel. Krishna without uttering a word had eaten all the banana peels she had offered.

Vidura immediately asks her what she is doing, and she came to back her senses and realizes she had given Banana peel to the Lord and not Bananas. Lord Krishna says even the Banana peel that Sulabha had offered with utmost devotion and bhakti was sweet to him. Anything else you offer which lacks that full bhakti and devotion is tasteless to him.

My Father also mentioned the Sloka in Sri Bhagavad Gita, in which Lord Krishna says the same:

patram pushpam phalam toyam yo me bhaktya prayachchhati
tadaham bhaktyupahritam ashnami prayatatmanah

The meaning : If one offers to Me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or even water, I will delightfully partake such offerings by My devotee in pure consciousness. It is in Chapter 9, verse 26.

Patra – Leaf

Pushpa – Flower

Phala – Fruit

Toya – Water

Prayachhati – Offers

Ashnami – partake

The same sloka is also in Shreemad Bhagawatha. Krishna tells the same sloka while he is eating Avalakki in Sudhama’s house.

The jist is having that unconditional bhakti, sneha and devotion towards Lord just like Sulabha and Sudhama had. To make sure we focus on the Lord. It is our Bhakthi that pleases the Lord and not the amount or value of the offering. If you offer a plate full of fruits, plate full of delicacies and have bad mouthed while buying the fruits, used foul language while preparing the delicacies, treated your family badly, God isn’t going to be happy about it. He accepts anything which we offer with pure heart and pure bhakthi.




Rayaru’s Kindness Knows No Bounds – Part 4

The third part in this series. The link to the first provided below:

Rayaru’s Kindness Knows No Bounds – Part 1

Rayaru’s Kindness Knows No Bounds – Part 2

Rayaru’s Kindness Knows No Bounds – Part 3

If you all remember, in May 2018 I had fractured my left Ankle and was in cast for 8 weeks. Several of you had prayed for me so I didn’t have to undergo surgery. It took almost 6 months at that time to get back to normal. I went to Physical Therapy for almost 2 months so I could even walk. My ankle had completely healed.

Based on advice from my Daughter I aways wear good proper shoes. No flip flops, no heels , no chapals. Last month during Thanksgiving holidays we visited our daughter. If you all remember, I also posted pictures of Rayaru temple in NC. On a Thursday around noon we visited a local park for hiking. Like I said, I was wearing proper shoes, and as we were walking I kept telling my family look how leaves have fallen, we can’t even see if there is big rocks and someone stumbles. We had walked almost 2 miles. Out of nowhere, my ankle twists and I scream in great pain. It is the same ankle that I had broken in 2018 . Within minutes it started swelling.

My daughter made me sit on a small rock, removed my shoes, examined my foot and ankle, and assured us the ankle wasn’t broken. She took out her shoes which had even more grip, put it for me. My Husband look out for some tree branches so I could hold onto that and walk back. I took a few steps and started crying with pain. There was no way I could walk back 2 miles uphill. My daughter immediately called 911, told them She is a Doctor, has examined me no need for paramedics but needs a ride back to the parking lot. Park services came within 20 minutes and brought me back to our car.

As we were driving, we had two options go to the Hospital since it was Thanksgiving all clinics were closed. And my Daughter was on call, and she said If you go to the Hospital they will call me only. So, we decided to go to a nearby Pharmacy, she got all the necessary medication, Ankle brace, Spray and we finally came to her house.  I was truly disappointed, why me, why me was going through my mind over and over again. Day 1 and 2 the pain was unbearable, but with icing and pain killers day 3 and 4 I was able to walk. We drove back home to Maryland. Week 1, week 2 went on and the pain didn’t increase but didn’t reduce also. There was also lot of swelling.

Finally, on this Wednesday we took an appointment with Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Surgeon so we could get x-ray and see if anything was wrong. The whole of Tuesday night we couldn’t sleep at all because of nervousness. We had an early morning appointment Wednesday. X-rays were taken and the Surgeon said nothing had broken, it is a Sprain of tibiofibular ligament of left ankle, high ankle sprain, prescribed Physical Therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks. I will have to revisit the Surgeon in February to make sure it has healed. I am going to Physical Therapy but still have pain and swelling. I can walk around with my ankle brace and boots.

When I told a couple of my friends, many said God is great your Ankle didn’t break. I was like, I am not sure about that, I had broken the same ankle before. This time I sprained it. Initially I was sad, like I said I kept asking why me, why me? I remembered my Brother had sent a whatsapp message about a Conversation between Swami Vivekananda and Shree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. It goes like this:

Swami Vivekanand:- What surprises you about people?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- When they suffer they ask, “why me?” When they prosper, they never ask “Why me?”

Whether it is a good day, or a bad day I have never forgotten Lord Almighty or our Beloved Rayaru. I don’t remember a day I have not thanked him for this life and the amazing things he has done. I don’t remember a day I have not recited his name. This was supposed to happen and it happened. I am just thankful I didn’t break it like before. To expect that life has to be a bed of roses is impossible. We have to go through tough time, we will have problems, but I pray everyday to give me strength to bear all the problems, to give me courage to face the challenges, to take away the worries I have, to lessen the pain we have to go through.

God is great and always does good for us. God can never do anything bad. When we tell he is the most perfect, he is defect-less, he is perfect, he is filled with karune/kindness, he is filled with love, how can he do anything bad at all for us.

At the end of the day, like I always tell  – “Rayare Gathiyu Namage”. Rayaru bless us all.

P.S: If you want to share any miracles, comment and send me an email. I will post. Like I said earlier, except for mine all will be anonymized. No one’s identity will be revealed.

Rayaru’s Kindness Knows No Bounds – Part 3

The miracle below as sent to me by Canchi Ravi Sir. Sir has been a huge part in my spiritual journey. He shipped all the Rayaru books almost 9 volumes from India for which I am ever grateful. Sir visited us in Bangalore and he has shared so many articles with me. I am blessed to have Sir who has constantly guided me over the past several years. Thanks Sir for being such a true extended Rayaru blessed family for me.

Title:  *Blessed with son*


Sometimes the blessings of Mantralaya Raghavendraswamy flow through his staunch devotees.  My Paramaguru Poojya   Tupsakri Dwaipayanachar was one of such devotees whom many approached for pariharas and Rayar’s blessings.  Though he was living in Hyderabad, he was visiting Shahabad Rayar Mutt (Gulbarga dist. Karnataka) for more than 30 years every year for Rayara Aradhana.  He was one of the founders.  He used to carry abundant flowers with him as they were in short supply in Shahabad.  Once he entered the garbhagudi, he used to close the door and do Alankara for three hours with full patience and dedication and it was a feast for devotees.  Never sat in Alankara pankthi, had prasada only in the last pankthi.

 During one of the Aradhanas, he was inside the garbhagudi in the evening.  One lady approached and asked him to give back the Poornaphala of hers kept inside.  The Acharya searched and could not find and gave ordinary broken coconut to her.  She burst in anger and in full fury started abusing him like anything, saying that she did Seva for santhana, but by denying her Poornaphala, he does not want her to beget child etc.  He tried to convince her that somebody has taken away her Poornaphala and he is helpless.  She went on shouting not accepting his reply.

 After around 1 ½ years, in Hyderabad this lady visited Dwaipayanachar’s house. He could not identify her.  But the moment she entered, she fell at his feet and went on crying continuously.  Acharya was puzzled and asked “Who are you? What happened Amma?  Why are you crying?”.   With great difficulty she controlled her sobbing and started narrating the incident that happened a year back in Shahabad and how she abused him etc.  He said he did not remember anything!  Then she said she is blessed with a male child and profusely apologized for insulting him.  He felt very happy and gave mantrakshata and sent her.  When prasada is received from great souls, Hari, Vayu, Gurus’ blessings are added fulfilling the desires of devotees.  This incident is an example.

Rayaru’s Kindness Knows No Bounds – Part 2

The second part in this series. The link to the first provided below:

Rayaru’s Kindness Knows No Bounds – Part 1

This blog has been up and running since September of 2007. I never promoted the blog, nor did I initially tell anyone I had one. I kept on adding posts which I felt were relevant to who I was. Never have I ever posted anything which I myself don’t believe in. I didn’t except anything, just kept posting. Slowly and steadily the blog became popular and I started getting recognized by people in my own family, my community, across the world and to my amazement even at work at several client sites. I used to blush when someone mentioned about the blog, it’s popularity and just leave it and not be bothered.

The more and more in the recent years the social media started becoming popular I also started seeing links to the posts in several of those groups. And to my amazement, which is so not my nature, I kept checking to see who had commented and who hadn’t said a word.  It bothered me so much when even one person said something negative. Or when someone would have copied my post word to word and would not give me any credit. I would have disregarded all the good things several people would have told, and kept focusing on this one comment or one person who would have not given me credit.

Seeing this behavior of mine puzzled me. I truly shouldn’t bother about who copied, who said something bad or who commented using foul language. I am not posting something which I created, yes it might be my writing but the songs, lyrics, stotras are written from ages. They are available in so many blogs. Even food, my recipe might be slightly different but it has been prepared for 100s of years.

I finally decided months back I am not going to let any of this bother me. If someone copies, if someone doesn’t credit me, if someone uses my pictures, copies my blog posts word to word,  its Okay.

This blog which truly is like my temple, I will keep adding. It is my safe space, my heart and soul resides in this blog.

One such occasion, when I posted about Pushya Nakshatra, Sir Lakshman(who I consider like my Father) for whom I have utmost respect commented as such below:

It is praiseworthy that from the US you are reminding us of Pushyaarka Yoga on Thursday, Nov 25 and suggesting the chanting of Sri Raghavendra Sthothra 108 times for the good of the world. Thank you, Meera. K.LAKSHMAN.

Sir also commented

You have been dutifully doing such things as reminding us in advance of the important events for religious observances, explaining the significance of those with the mythological background – even in the midst of your busy official schedule, No need to regret at all over any delay in that. We are thankful to you Meera for the divine services you are rendering, for emulation by others. K.LAKSHMAN.

You can see that post and Sir’s comments here:

Pushya Nakshatra and Thursday – November 25th 2021

And just yesterday, two of my Satsangha friends texted saying this:

Meera , we went to India end of November and went to KRS Rayara Matha where our Achararu mentioned about you and said that one of the devotees was saying that you are like the ‘Mother of Rayara satsangha / devotion’in the US. I told him that I knew you and he was amazed at the satsangha being done in the US .

Hi Meera, you have really done a lot of punya in some Janma to have created your blog and share and guide so many people like me with all the information you post. May Rayaru bless you to continue this divine work. Saw your blog today and read about the concluding Benedictory verse from Gita Vivruti. I will learn the verse and include it in my prayers. Thank you.

I know I just mentioned a few comments, but there are several comments and emails and messages from so many of you, isn’t that more than enough for me?

When I keep saying, even if 1 person benefits from my blog, I feel I am blessed, how can I keep looking for and asking validation from everyone. Rayaru has showed me time and again that there are many like you all who genuinely look forward to my posts, read them and follow them. If there are people with some kind of ego who don’t care to acknowledge, who don’t respond, who copy each and every post, who don’t say a word even to my face, it is still Okay.

I am here for all the people no matter what.  Like the picture I have, our Beloved Rayaru gives me strength everyday in my life. I want to be one of the greatest devotee of our Rayaru, I want to follow Rayaru in the true sense. More about his qualities and what I am trying to follow in the next parts.

Good, Bad or Ugly days we may be going through, we have one and only one to care for us, to protect us, to calm us, and to bring tranquility in our lives and that is our Rayaru.

“Rayare Gathiyu Namage”. Rayaru bless us all.

Rayaru’s Kindness Knows No Bounds – Part 1

On this Thursday, I have decided to post Rayaru miracles once again. Over the past several years, I have heard and had so many miracles myself. I will also create a separate page and add all links so it is available quickly.

Let me begin with Today’s Mantralaya Brindavana Picture Courtesy SRSMutta.

Unless the miracle is about me, I will not post anyone’s name. Just address them in second person to protect their privacy.

Mid October, On a Thursday early morning I had a dream. I was at a Friend’s home and we were having Rayaru satsangha. Since learning about Shodhopachara pooja for Rayaru by Sri Krishnavadhootaru this January, I have posted it here in the blog and also shared the Pooja procedure with all. We do the same every Satsangha also.

You can find details below In English, Kannada and Audio:

Shodhopachara pooja for Rayaru by Sri Krishnavadhootaru in English and Audio

Shodhopachara pooja for Rayaru by Sri Krishnavadhootaru

As we finish reciting Rayaru Stotra, I tell my Friend Let’s do Shodhopachara pooja and help her light the 8 lamps and recite the stotra. During the 8th lamp, my friend tells me “Meera, thogo neenu 8th lamp light madu”. In English “Meera, take this 8th lamp and you light it”.  I had chills as opened my eyes to see it was a dream. I felt overwhelmed.

I woke up, did all my pooje, including Shodhopachara pooja since it was Thursday. I went into my office room, and before even I opened my laptop, typed the dream in my personal laptop and shared with my Friend. My Friend since she had Holiday on that Thursday had gone to our Rayaru temple in the morning with her family. She finished her 108 Namaskaras. She said she never gets any dream and hoped for some message from Rayaru. Once she finished her prayers came out, she opens her phone to see that She had come in my dream and had done Rayaru Shodhopachara pooja. She was overwhelmed with emotion, and kept saying Meera Rayaru knows what’s in our mind, Rayaru shows in several ways that he is there and we should look for those clues.

In mid-December we did Satsangha at my Friend’s place. Of course, due to Omicron Covid raging here also, we did it virtually Zoom, and also performed Shodhopachara pooja along with all pooje.

Our beloved Rayaru knows what we want, what we are going through, what challenges we are facing. Like they say ” Rayare Gathiyu Namage”. Rayaru bless us all.

Dhanurmaasa Shree Lakshmi Stotra

Shree MahaLakshmi Stotra to be recited during DhanurMaasa

Since I posted the dates for Dhanur Maasa and Mr. Guruprasad Panamalai mentioned about the Lakshmi Stotra, I knew it must be in one of my books. Finally, I found the Stotra in my book. And having 2 weeks holiday for the year end has helped me focus on learning new songs. Stay tuned for many posts until Jan 3 rd 2022.

I have recorded the video also, and the English translation is below.

Please find attached the screen share of my book which had the Stotra and the Title which clearly mentions Lakshmi Stotra to be recited during Dhanurmaasa.

Below is the English translation:

Shreedevi prathamam nama dweetheya amruthodhbhava |

Trutheeyam Kamalaproktha Chtrutham Lokasundari |

Panchamam Vishnupatniti shastam Shree Vaishnaveeticha |

Sapthamam tu vararoha Ashtamam Harivallabha |

Navamam Shagnaneeproktha dhashamam devadevika |

Ekadasham Maha Lakshmi Dwadasham Lokasundari |

Shree Padmakamala mukunda mahishi Lakshmi Shree Lokeshwari |

Maa Ksheerabdhisutaa Aravinda Janani VidyaSarojaatmika |

Sarvabista phalapradeti satatam namaniye Dwadashaha |

Pratha Shudhatara patathim satatam sarvanlabhamteshuban |

BhadraLakshmistavam nityam punyametachaubhavaham |

tathonatwalipi kaveryam japa Shree Vruksha Sanidhau |

Iti Yudistira prathi Narada Vachanam ||

Thanks Guruprasad avare for letting me in this direction.

The Concluding Benedictory Verse – Gita Vivruti

Ever since I read “The Bhagavad Gita” book from Dr. Giridhar Boray, on a daily basis in the morning and evening during my prayers recite this Benedictory Verse (Gita Vivruti) written by our Beloved Rayaru. I recite it 5 times in the morning and evening during my prayers.

Knowing the meaning of this verse, it brings such joy to me while reciting the same. So, thought of sharing with you all.

Just one verse which means so much. Hope you all can recite it everyday during your prayers. Takes less than 1 minute.

A screen share from the book The Bhagavad Gita

All credit to the publishers and the Dr Boray.

Dhanur Maasa 2021-2022

As I was talking to my Father today, he mentioned Dhanur Maasa starts from tomorrow 12/17/2021 in India. It already started today in USA. This month is focused on worshipping Lord Vishnu. If we worship him during this month even on a single day it is equivalent to worshipping him for a 1000 years. Isn’t that amazing?

Some important dates again, need to look in details based on your country.

12/16/2021 – 12/17/2021 – Dhanur maasa Starts

01/13/2022 – Vaikunta Ekadashi – Both USA and India

01/14/2022 – Mukoti Dwadashi – Both USA and India

During Dhanur Maasa it is key to prepare Pongal as naivedya to Lord Vishnu. That too in the early morning hours. The ratio of preparing rice to moong dal or Hesaru bele which I saw in one of my books is as follows:

Atti uttama – One cup rice, 2 cups moong dal

Uttama – one cup rice one cup moong dal

Madhyama – 2 cups rice one cup moong dal

Adama – 4 cups rice and 1 cup moong dal.

what are you waiting for, prepare the pongal with Atti Uttama ratio and offer to Lord Vishnu.

Recipe below: But change the ratio of rice to moong dal.

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