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Have a Blessed 2022

2021 was tough for many of us. It was COVID doing it’s turn with different variants, and also loss of several lives. I lost so many relatives and the most devastating one was My Mysore Ajji, who we lost in May of 2021. We were coming to terms with the loss of my Mother when we lost Ajji. It was very tough since the entire India was in lockdown.

We hope to travel to India at least for the 2nd anniversary of our Mother in early March. 2022 No idea what rules will be in place for COVID and what new variant will come.

As you all know, I make no new year’s resolution. If I need to change anything, I try to do it today and not wait for New Years. Hopefully, all of you will have a blessed 2022. Hopefully, COVID will slowly become an Endemic instead of continuing as a Pandemic.

I promise to continue to write more and more in the year 2022. I hope I can travel to several of places I want to visit in India and post about them. I hope I can learn more about our scriptures and share them in my own language which inspires many. I hope I can continue to learn lot more from my Father and keep posting those amazing snippets he shares with me.

Once again, Have a blessed 2022. Stay safe, stay vaccinated, stay healthy, stay blessed, and stay connected.

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