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Pitru Devo Bhava

Today 8th January is my Father’s birthday. He turns today 88 years old. If you follow my blogs, you know everything I have learned is from my Father. Yes, we all learn life sessions from our Parents. But for me, my Father is also my spiritual guide, my one and only one Guru. From teaching me how to do Naivedya to what stotra to recite while doing Mangalaruthi, he is my God. He is my Father and he is also my Mother since the day we lost our Amma.

During his bday I would like to dedicate a sloka which is so appropriate for everything that my Father has done to me and is still doing and helping us in our Spiritual journey.

The sloka brought tears to me because it is everything that I would like to convey to my Father. My sister echoes the same sentiments and so does my brother.

Such an amazing sloka, saw it somewhere that it is from Mahabharatha.

पिता स्वर्गः पिता धर्मः पिता परमकं तपः ।
पितरि प्रीतिमापन्ने सर्वाः प्रीयन्ति देवताः ॥

pitā swargaḥ pitā dharmaḥ pitā paramakaṃ tapaḥ |
pitari prītimāpanne sarvāḥ prīyanti devatāḥ ||

My Father is my heaven my father is my dharma my father is the ultimate penance of my life. If a father is happy, all Gods are pleased.

I dedicate this blog to my Father. He is my Father, he is my Mother, he is my guide, he is my Spiritual Guru.


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