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Karkataka Sankramana – Dakshinayana

This year in the US, Dakshinayana starts from July 16th Saturday. In India, it is July 17th Sunday.

Below some additional details:

The term Uttarāyaṇa  is derived from two different Sanskrit words – “uttara” (North) and “ayana” (movement) –  northward movement of the Sun.

Dakshina means South and Aayana means travel or movement. The movement of Sun in the Southern direction is called as Dakṣiṇāyaṇa.

Uttarayana or Dakshinayana consists of six months each is the time taken by the Sun to travel from one house to the other during these periods.

Our Hindu calendar is  divided into two periods  of six months each.

Sun is the central point for both Uttarayana and Dakshinayana.

Legend also has it that Uttarayana represents Gods and Dakshinayana represents Pithrus. Uttarayana is the day time and Dakshinayana is the night time for all Gods. 

All major festivals are during the Dakshinayana period including Shravana Masa, Chatur Masa, Dasara, and Deepavali. Pitru Paksha is also during this period. 

On this day, Karkataka Sankramana when the transition happens from Uttarayana to Dakshinayana, tarpana is given to forefathers. As always Anna dana is good. Any religious activity such as reciting Vishnu Sahasranama, other devotional songs and slokas can be recited.

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