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Pandarapuravembha Dhoda Nagara Video

Here in the United States, we have 2 Ekadashi’s tomorrow and day after. I was searching through my blog for songs on Lord Panduranga. Found this one posted December 13, 2013. How time flies. And it was contributed by Mr. Lakshman and Ms. Damle.

I heard this song around two weeks back and decided to make it easy to sing by altering the tune a little bit since I can’t sing at the high pitch. More posts, songs to come during the upcoming Shravana Masa.

So, the video and the link for the lyrics below.

And the lyrics in both Kannada and english below:

ಪಂಢರಾಪುರವೆಂಬ ದೊಡ್ಡ ನಗರ – Pandarapuravembha Dhoda Nagara Lyrics

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