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Upcoming Shravana Masa Festivals – July – August 2022

As per Shubhakruth Nama Samvatsara Panchanga, this year Shravana Masa starts from July 29th and ends on August 27th 2022.

There are many festivals during this month and as always I will re-post slokas, pooja details and many more details a few days before each of these important dates. Here is a list of important dates and festivals during Shravana Masa 2022.

Shree Mangala Gowri Vrata

All details for this festival can be found here:

Vrata Details.

  • August 2nd – Tuesday

  • August 9th – Tuesday

  • August 16th – Tuesday

  • August 23rd – Tuesday

Nagara Chathurthi & Panchami


Pooja Details.

  • August 1st Monday– Nagara Chathurthi

  • August 2nd Tuesday – Nagara Panchami

Shravana Masa Shree Lakshmi Pooja

Pooja Details.

  • July 29th– Friday

  • August 5th – Friday

  • August 12th – Friday

  • August 19th – Friday

  • August 26th – Friday

Shree Vara MahaLakshmi  Pooja Vrata

Vrata Details.

  • August 5th – Friday


  • August 11th – Thursday – Rigveda Upakarma ( USA)

  • August 11th – Thursday – Yajurveda Upakarma ( USA)

  • August 12th – Friday – Rigveda Upakarma ( India)

  • August 11th – Friday – Yajurveda Upakarma ( India)

Shree Raghavendra Swamy  Aaradhane

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