Shri Raghavendra Swamy Aaradhane 2022

  • August 12th – Friday – Sree Raghavendra Swamy Poorva Aaradhane

  • August 13th – Saturday – Sree Raghavendra Swamy Madya Aaradhane

  • August 14th – Sunday – Sree Raghavendra Swamy Uttara Aaradhane

Same dates in India and USA and many other countries. The much awaited Aaradhane is this week. It is going to be an exciting weekend for all Rayaru devotes all across the world. Every moment the only thing we can do is recite his name and get his blessings. 


As always, I will share as many photos of Aaradhane as possible. My blog is getting to its maximum space limit, may not be able to upload pictures, I will post all pictures on YouTube and share a link. 

If you are in any part of the world and want to share pictures of Aaradhane in your country, please share with me and I will upload them all.


Shri Raghavendra Swamy Aaradhane  is celebrated all across the world, and many households.

If you need to know how to do Seva, here is a link from a web site about who and how the seva should be performed. Read the link here:

In paragraph 10, it clearly states other ways of offering seva to Rayarau as such:

10.Are there other ways of performing Seva to Rayaru?

Yes. As stated before, if one is sincere and devoted to Hari, Vayu and Rayaru, there are many ways of performing Seva to Rayaru. The following section lists some of the main ones:

a) Sitting in one place and reciting Sri Raghavendra stotra 108 times.

b) Hejje namaskara (going around the Brindavana advancing one foot at a time and performing namaskara for each stride)

c) Urulu Seva – rolling on the body and going around the brindavana. This is forbidden for women.

d) Reciting Sri Raghavendra stotra 108 times while performing abhisheka for Rayara Brindavana with cow’s milk.

e) Going through religious works composed by great gyaanis; some of the popular ones are Sudha, Parimala, Sri Madhva Vijaya,Sri Raghavendra Vijaya etc.

In all of the above cases, the main ingredient is sincerity, pure heart and intense devotion.

I have added several lyrics on Shri Raghavendra Swamy in this blog, you can look for those at the lyrics page, or click on the Shri Raghavendra Swamy categories section and you will be listed with several songs. I have also recorded so many songs on YouTube. Below is the link with a playlist of all Rayaru songs:

A new page is also created with all the lyrics for our beloved Rayaru.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ramakrishna on August 11, 2022 at 11:04 am

    ಹರಿಃ ಓಂ

    ಓಂ ಶ್ರೀ ಗುರು ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರಾಯ ನಮಃ

    ಶ್ರೀ ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರ ಸ್ವಾಮಿಗಳನ್ನು ಕುರಿತ ಹಾಡು

    ದಯಮಾಡೊ ಗುರುರಾಯ ಯತಿಕುಲವರ್ಯ
    ದಯಮಾಡೊ ಶ್ರೀ ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರ ಮಂತ್ರಾಲಯ ನಿಲಯ ||ಪ||
    ಕಲಿಯುಗ ಕಲ್ಪತರು ಕಾಮಧೇನು ವೆನಿಪ ಮುನಿಪ
    ಮೂಲರಾಮ ಪಾದಾಂಬುಜ ಮಧುಪ ದಯಮಾಡೊ ||೧||
    ವೃಂದಾವನದಿ ತೇಜದಿ ಪೊಳೆಯುವ ಮಂಗಳ ಮಹಿಮ
    ವಂದಿಪ ಜನರಿಗಭೀಷ್ಟವ ಕೊಡುವ ಗುರು ಸಾರ್ವಭೌಮ ದಯಮಾಡೊ ||೨||
    ಎನ್ನ ಜ್ಞಾನ ಭಕ್ತಿ ಸಂಪನ್ನನಾಗಿ ಮಾಡಿ ಸಲಹೊ ಸತತ
    ಘನ್ನ ಮಹಿಮ ಕರುಣೇಶವಿಠಲನ ದೂತ ಜಗದಿ ಪ್ರಖ್ಯಾತ ದಯಮಾಡೊ ||೩||

    ರಾಮಕೃಷ್ಣ ,ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು


  2. Posted by shanthisethuraman on August 8, 2022 at 5:35 am

    Thanks for sharing Ragavendra Aaradaha 2022. Om Sri Ragavendra Namaga.


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