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Lakshmi Hrudaya In Aarathi Plate

During the Aaradhane at SKV, North Carolina, while welcoming God and Rayaru, I saw an amazing drawn Aarathi plate. I was told it is customary to have Rangoli and Lakshmi Hrudaya in Aarathi plate. I had never heard about it.

So, I asked Meghana who has become a close extended family, and also Anuradha Shrikanth Belpu to please take picture of the Aarathi plate

The plate was decorated by Smt. Akhila Mahishi who also told me the trick to do the same.

You can find how to draw Lakshmi Hrudaya from my blog here:

To draw it on a silver plate, mix Kumkum, water and Honey together and draw the Rangoli with a toothpick or the tip of an Agarbathi.

The final design is just amazing. Hope you can all draw this for the upcoming Krishna Janmastami.

Thanks so much Akhila Avare for the amazing aarthi design, Meghana and Anuradha for the pictures.

2022 Rayara Aaradhane Pictures

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed 2022 Aaradhane of our beloved Rayaru.

I had an amazing 3 days spent in the premises of Shree Krishna Vrindavana temple, North Carolina. I don’t remember for ages spending all 3 days morning and evening pooje at any Rayaru temple. Even while I was in Bangalore for a couple years, due to crowd we visited either in the morning or evening.

With SKV Temple, we were able to be part of both morning and evening pooje to Rayaru. Seeing the pooje done by Acharyaru Shri Nagendra Udupa was a feast to our eyes. And relishing the delicious food prepared by Shri Gundu Rao was another attraction.
When we decided to move to North Carolina, I was very nervous, stressed and couldn’t sleep for weeks. But, the love and affection we have received at the SKV temple, has made this move very sweet and truly feel blessed to be part of this extended family in North Carolina.

I am sharing pictures from the temple. This google picture was taken during Madhya Aaradhane.
Special thanks to Anuradha Shrikanth Belpu for the photos and all credit to the temple.

We also have live recording on Facebook and you can see our Bhajane(at 3.25.00 hours) as well at the end.

If you have an account, you can watch it even now:

Let me know how you all celebrated Rayara Aaradhane.

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