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2022 Shree Krishna Janmastami

Hope you all had a blessed Shree Krishna Janmastami this year. We were able to celebrate the festival at home, our Daughter was able to come, be part of the pooje and give Argya to Lord Krishna. A blessing in itself.

And here are the pictures from my home and temple.

I have uploaded a video of the pooje at my place.

And for the first time ever in our lives, both my Husband and I were able to visit our SKV, NC temple and be part of the Janmastami celebrations at midnight. It was once again mind blowing being able to give Argya to the Lord after moonrise. We stayed there until 1.00 AM in the morning, and felt so blessed to be able to witness the divine pooje by our Chief Priest Shri Nagendra Udupa. You can witness the Maha Mangalaruthi video I took, just divine. It truly was once in a life time experience. And once pooje was done, delicious thindi by Shri Gundu Rao our Chef at SKV, NC.

The Bhagavad Gita recital and the Shree Vishnu Sahasranamavali brought so much needed peace to the mind. I truly could feel the divine vibration in my body and soul.

Like I always say, we had done some major major punya in our previous birth or maybe even in this birth, to be able to be part of this amazing temple and found an amazing extended family.

If you are in the North Caroline region, please do pay a visit to our temple.

Video below of the midnight Maha Mangalaruthi at SKV, NC.

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