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Gowri Ganesha Festival Preparation & Recipes


This year Gowri Ganesha Festival is celebrated on August 29th and August 30th 2022 in USA. In India, it is August 30th and August 31st 2022.

Please check your local calendars.

So, this post is to help all of you prep for this festival and get the blessings of Gowri and Ganesha.

Gowri Habba Preparation:


  • Prep for all the pooja items like Haldi, Kumkum, Mantrakshate, Gejje Vastra.
  • Make sure you have Rangoli, if you don’t have the dry powder, use Kundan Rangoli, a chalk and draw. If even that is not available, take some printouts and use them. I have used a combination of all of them as seen below. Draw small feet of Lord Ganesha from the front door.
  • Make sure you have camphor, Agarbathi and also soaked cotton for Mangalaruthi.
  • Buy all the ingredients required for the Maradha Bhagina. The  two posts which have already been published are linked below:
  • Buy fruits, Coconut, Banana leaves, Mango leaves, Betel leaves and nuts.
  • Buy plenty of flowers.
  • If you are performing Panchamruta abhisheka, buy all items required for that, milk, yogurt, honey, ghee, fruits, coconut water.
  • A list of all food items which can be prepared is added at the end of this post.

Ganesha Habba Preparation:

  • All pooja items as listed in Gowri Habba.
  • In addition to all fruits, flowers get lots of garike, and leaves for Lord Ganesha.
  • The key food items made are 21 Modaka, 21 Kadabu and 21 Chakkali. Recipes listed all the way at the end.
  • Offer Gejje Vastra. Usually fancy ones are offered here. 16 strings or some times 21 strings. Prepare them before so you can save some time.

Food Items for Gowri Ganesha Festival:


Items that I often cook can be used just as a guide, and you can add more items if needed or cook less if time doesn’t permit.

  1. Moong Dal Kosambari
  2. Chana Dal Kosambari
  3. Potato Palya or Beans Palya
  4. Chayote – Seeme Badanekayi Palya
  5. Idli
  6. Chatni
  7. Dal Thove
  8. Saaru/Rasam
  9. Kootu
  10. Majjige Huli
  11. Appi Payasa or Shavige Payasa or Wheat Payasa or Akki Kadalebele Payasa
  12. Kadabu – 21
  13. Modaka – 21
  14. Capsicum Vegetable bath or Chitranna or Vegetable bath
  15. Happala
  16. Potato and Chayote bonda or Ambode
  17. Majjige or Mosaru
  18. Yogurt rice
  19. Chakli in the evening


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