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Lord Venkateshwara in my Dream

Update: We visited the temple this morning, sponsored Archana for Lord Venkateshwara. While standing in front of him with folded hands felt like a tiny human being while Lord stood there all Magnanimous, seeing his hands showing us to surrender to him, that he will protect us always. Felt a strange feeling in my heart, peaceful and calm.

The past 2 months since being here in North Carolina, the visit to Venkateshwara temple almost every Saturday has brought immense joy to me.

The SV temple here in Cary is literally 6 mins from our home.

A few weeks back while talking to my Father, I was telling him how amazing the alankara is here at our temple. And my father said, that much Alankara doesn’t happen in Tirupathi becuase the Lord complained about the fragrance of flowers would bring him head ache, and the heavy jewelry pains his body. We all know that Lord himself is in Tirupati.

Last week, in our whatsapp group I had seen a video of Vastra being presented to our Beloved Rayaru by Tirumala Priests. Thanks Padma for sharing the video always.

This Thursday, I was talking to Padma here in Cary, who visits the temple almost every time I visit and I was telling her how beautiful, how amazing, our SV temple Venkateshwara is, especially when I visited he just had Tulasi hara/mala, a bright color panche, and bare shoulders.

Yes, I have two amazing Padma’s in my life now in Maryland, and in Cary.

Maybe these three incidents were stuck in my mind I have no clue.

Today, early morning, I am walking within huge crowds, lots of people, going in circles and keep asking which temple is this? Where are we? I don’t remember who was with me. At the end, I come to a stop and in front of me quite at a distance is Lord Venkateshwara with just oil lamps, bare minimum flowers and standing tall in the Garbha Gudi with his Diamond adorned Crown. I am filled with joy and keep reciting ” Srinivasa Govinda Shree Venkatesha Govinda”. Lord looked something like the above image.

I got woken up and to know I had been to Tirupati, saw Lord on a Saturday brought amazing joy. As soon as I woke up, told my Husband. Did a video call and talked to my Father and Sister. And the next thing sharing with you all my dearest extended family.

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