Key points from Poojya Sri Puthige Shreegalu

I saw this message posted in FB by Shri Janardhan Krishnarao. Asked permission to post it here in my blog. Thanks so much Sir for permitting to post the same.This message from Swamigalu is so apt for each and everyone of us.

The more and more I meet people, whether it is in Maryland, now North Carolina or even in India, people are not happy, filled with ego, lot of stress, too much competition, too much hatred and above all not leading a contented life.

This message below hits like a lightning if you are able to self analyze and see your own strengths and weaknesses. We have so much to learn from our Swamigalu.

Key points from Poojya Sri PuthigeShreegalu’s interactive session with Corporate Leaders – San Jose, California, USA held on Aug 27th 2022

BhagvadGita is a scripture for everyone – should not be seen as a religious text confined to Hinduism. BhagvadGita is the most comprehensive and universal guide to leading a content and peaceful life. It offers wisdom and guidance needed to resolve dilemma in our daily lives and in any situation. Krishna represents the source of ultimate wisdom and Arjuna represents all of us – The teacher and the taught.

1. Inner peace is required to make the right decisions in our daily lives

A critical pre-requisite to preparing the mind to always making the right decision, is to keep it calm and free of worries. A restless mind cannot make the right or the best decision.

One of the ways to bring inner peace, is to understand that we are not alone in this journey – there is a higher-self and a protector behind us, and our worries are handed off to him. This mind-set relieves us of anxiety or worries and helps maintain a tranquil mind.

If you are worried, you are thinking about the past; If you are anxious, you are thinking about the future – you have no control over either one. In the Corporate world, we all need to learn from our past mistakes and plan for the future. We need to do both with clear objectives without dwelling on either of them, unnecessarily. Being consumed by worry or anxiety will affect our decision-making ability and productivity.

2. Ego is one of the biggest barriers to achieving higher goals

With ego taking control, we stop learning, which in turn will limit our progress and success.

For corporate leaders this means ensuring employees’ ideas, contributions, views are respected, and they are empowered to make decisions. This acts as a force multiplier of brains and ideas in a large corporation, which is critical for the success and growth of business. Else, only the single egoistic brain is working.

Steve Jobs in his famous Stanford commencement speech said “Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry”

There is an old saying “When you are ready, you will see the teacher” – it is the mind-set of willingness to learn

3. Enemies are a necessary evil

On the positive side, we progress when enemies exist.

It is important to understand, enmity creates a sense of competitiveness and is good for human progress.

In the Corporate world, this is the “competitor” – they keep us on our toes and drive us to achieve higher success. Without competitors, most business can get complacent, and growth may be limited.

4. We have innate power to make the right decision in any situation

However, most of us lose the ability to “tune in” and listen to the inner voice – The conscience, The Guide, The Sakshi, the GPS for our life journey.

To harness the ability to seek guidance through our Conscience, we need to lead a life of truthfulness; When our body, mind and soul (specifically words and actions) are constantly in Synch – our inner voice is clearly guiding us on the right track. Even simple white lies will turn off the Antenna to receive the signals of our inner voice and we will be constantly in a state of confusion and disconnected from the conscience (or our GPS).

In the Corporate world, this means saying what you do and doing what you say – in essence “walking the talk”. Internalizing this principle, will invoke the “inner voice” that will guide us to always make the right decision.

Regular meditation will help develop concentration and focus, which will further improve the signal to noise ratio of the Inner voice or the Sakshi – in essence, amplify it.

5. Employees (and Children) do not do what the Leaders (or parents) ask them to do

Employees (and Children) simply follow the Leader’s (or parent’s) actions, not the words.

It is important for a leader to be a role-model – there is no better way to delegate or have the entire company focus on a common goal or success

In the Corporate world, this means leading by example. Employees follow the leader’s actions/behavior and not so much, the “command”

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  1. Posted by shanthisethuraman on August 29, 2022 at 5:33 am

    What are the key points said by Guruji is 100% true. Only thing we have to practice mindful meditation, it will open our inner thoughts, reduce stress it lowers cortisol level, reduce depression, anxiety, it would make mood booster and good for health, so we can take a decision on any thing in right way, only thing we should spend some time to mediate.


  2. Posted by shanthisethuraman on August 29, 2022 at 5:28 am

    What Guruji’s key point is 100


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